Lag in Wardin

Spent the weekend playing in Wardin which was loads of fun. But several of us noticed significant lag when building on the sky islands. So much so, a placed block would show up several seconds later.

However, when building inside one of the ground islands, there was no apparent lag.

Also, when I was building bridges between sky islands, periodically I would place a block, it would show up and then vanish. This would repeat continuously in subsequent tries. But after, doing something else for a short time, it would work. It was pretty thrilling building the bridge up that high over the lava. :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting the issue, the bug has now been logged. Out of interest, when you say several seconds, how many seconds is that roughly? It takes about a couple of seconds before the block would appear when I tried it out.

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2-3 seconds, thanks!

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