Lag on Oppoh

I have been getting this lag issue on Oppoh, started building and the block just spawn all over the place, it’s at a point where I can’t build correctly without having to remove half of what I put down…

Still getting solid 60 fps, sometimes my character even goes back to where I was 1 or 2 seconds ago something is off with the server connectivity.

Debug shows 60fps at 18.8ms


  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
  • AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4.00GHz
  • 16 GB Ram
    Running on windows 10, 64bit

Hello there! Sorry to hear that you have encountered this issue.

  1. Which country do you live in and what is your internet connection speed?
  2. Does the problem happen as soon as you start playing? If no, how long does it take before you encounter this issue?
  3. Does the problem go away temporarily when you restart the game?

Thank you.

I live in quebec canada, i have the fastest internet available in my region which is 200 mb/s down. The problem happens instantly regardless if i restart my pc, reconnect to the server, restart the game, or play for 3 hours.

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Thanks for the reply.

We like to get more information on what is happening on your end. Can you…

  1. Start playing the game again.
  2. When the problem starts, can you press the . button to display the debug menu.
  3. Locate tlms and clock-offset numbers on the screen. It should be located on the upper right side of the screen.

Can you let us know if these number are fluctuating very slightly or quite a bit. If you can let us know the range of fluctuations, that would be awesome.

Thank you.

I can’t find the information you are looking for but I took a screenshot of the debug. There are 3 lines at the top that stay RED most of the time, I figured it’s probably what you where looking for, but hey.

@yota is referring to information in the upper left side of the screen. (Not right.)

Ahh right, my bad…

TLMS fluctuate rapidly between 59 and 69

I don’t see clock-offset though… I do have latency and timestamp-boost but nothing about clock-offset.

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Ops, sorry about the location of the text. I play the game on a small screen so the text is displayed on the right. Our engineers are looking into this issue today.

I have almost the same problems, but on the most servers and not only on Oppoh. Additionally my grappling hook randomly looses grip and the inventory window keeps popping up again shortly after closing it.

Intel 4790k
GTX 980 Ti

I live in Austria and have a 6 mb/s connection (the fastest available since i live in the middle of nowhere, but i don´t have any lag issues with other games like Battlefield 4)
I experience this issue with the same “strength” on all Servers, no matter if its Europe Central/West or America.
The tlms jumps between 70 and 100


Hello Guys,

We are looking into this issue right now. We will let you know as soon as we can recreate the issue here and get to to bottom of this.

I had no idea before how to tell latency before this thread, so I could not adequately describe my issues before.

I am occasionally seeing my latency jump from 30-50 to 499.88 and hold there for 2-3 minutes at a time. When this happens, timestamp-boost (ms) jumps to 500.00… and tlms: jumps to 4726.05. These exact numbers happen every time, without any variance. What is the significance of this? Am I simply loosing connection entirely? I am on a wired connection, not wi-fi.

Today I experienced a new lag related issue:
I was playing Oort while I was updating another game in Steam, so I was expecting some lag but what happened was random (2 times in ~45 playing time) instant death. I had full live and was standing in a place that was safe from creatures (on top of a 1x1x4 pillar) when suddenly the “respawn at home” button popped up.

500ms is the max we allow the timestamp boost to get. The very odd thing is the “tlms: jumps to 4726.05”. What OS are you on and roughly what broadband speed do you get?

If you can say a date-time and world you were on that would be helpful as we can look at the logs.

As in the other reply if you can say a data-time and world that would help narrow down what s going on. The sudden death is usually due to a difference in where the server thinks you are and the client - the most often cause is drowning.

Kovah, today, roughly 3 hours ago as I posted that ticket. Win 10. 100ms down, 10 up

Are you relying on the clocks to be roughly in sync (e.g. NTP)? Or something else? (vector clocks? unsure how well those work in a game engine world though)

In this case there were network timeouts occurring.

We sync the clocks per world when a connection is made. The client machines own clock time-date does not matter.

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Sorry that I forgot to add that information.
It was on Kovah and the tlms jumped between 100 and 240.