Lag? Server spikes 3-5 second delay

I have noticed it a lot lately on Xewell.
Occasionally you will be kicked back for a few seconds at a time…
latency will jump from its normal 80-100ms up to 300-500ms and then all over the place.
There are only 2 of us on the server and we are both seeing it.

Are you from Germany? The Telekom just has problems with the connection to us servers. That may cause the problems.

Edit: oh, my bad. Just had a look at your profile and saw a that you are from the US. Just forget what I said :wink:

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Lol, thanks for the attempt.
nope, I was lagging I am from Indiana, and a friend from NY was having the same lag.

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Does those lags happen on all worlds of the area where Xewell lies? If yes it may be a problem on the server of Amazon (which the devs are using)

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@b00n, are you still experiencing this issue time to time? Can you let me know when this happened, how long you have been playing the game and what you and your friend were doing? Thanks

I haven’t been able to play since sunday or monday unfortunately.
I have too much schoolwork this week, but I will let you know the next time I see it.
It was occurring all week last week. Usually around 6pm - 10pm EST.
@Larfleece @TheStoneOfEvil may be able to report on the lag as well.

@b00n, you could not have timed that better. Past few nights since I’ve been on late enough that I’m the only one on the server and I have noticed this as well. I’m in Canada on the eastern half (close to NY State) so it should be an ideal server as well.

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Thanks guys. We are looking into this issue. If you have any more information about what you guys were doing, let us know.

It is happening now on Xewell…
@TheStoneOfEvil, @Mittekemuis and I are just walking around and lagging really bad.
Grappling is somewhat impossible and if you grapple walk sometimes you will be moved back in time :frowning:

Were you getting an erratic frame rate or seeing long ping times? Looking in the logs its doesn’t seem like ping in this case. If frame rate issue had you been playing for a while and was it when something happened, e.g. place block? Also does a restart fix it?

no, we werent placing any blocks, we were just walking. I dont think it was simply frame rate as both of the aforementioned people were also having the issue.

Hello michaelb

There is also so much lag on “Wardin”. Maybe there is so much lava? Ping is ok. The frame rate is low!
After a log play-time-period it lags also so much. But restart fixes.

thanks. What video card do you have?

Talking to b00n in game he is grapple running which causes a lots of meshing that may be tan issue. Do you see the issue when doing the same or by walking around?

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Hello michaelb

By walking around, working, placing blocks.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M

thanks. Would be interested to know if anyone with an ATI card sees this.

huge spikes in latency right now… im normally aroun 80-120ms at the most.
just started jumping up to around 400-500.
I live in indiana.

I’ve added some note to the internal bug tracking this. Mainly it seems restarting is fixing it for people. I think it maybe the gpu getting stressed due to large amounts of changes happening, eg when moving a quickly, but will investigate in more detail. For the long play through the game is using a lot of ram for which there a part fix in the next update but again needs to looked in to more.

If you lower the Terrain Detail quality it might help for the short term.


having the same issue though i need to monitor fps

getting up to 1000 ms latency when this happens playing on us west server
using r9 290 graphics card