[lake] --[T4 - Inhospitable Lush Sovereign World]-- [Active]

-------------------[Sovereign Details]-------------------
Owner : @catfud
Permissions : Can Visit | No Edit | No Claim
--------------------[:earth_africa: World Details]--------------------
ID : 865
Name : lake
Type : Lush
Tier : Inhospitable (4)
Atmosphere : Lvl 1 Caustic (1 level)
Size : 3km (34 Regions)
Liquid : ▲ Water | ▼ Water
Region : Australia
------------------[:compass: Distance Details]------------------
1 blinksecs from Boori
Warp Cost : 100c
Portals : via Lake, Boori
---------------------[:stopwatch: Time Details]---------------------
Appeared September 23, 2020 12:49 PM
Last until October 23, 2020 12:49 PM

Initial Resources

------------[Embedded World Resources]------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentage
1Soft Coal8,907,78032.08%
2Iron Ore7,756,37327.93%
3Copper Ore4,174,63915.04%
4Medium Coal2,308,7958.32%
5Ancient Tech Remnant1,257,4754.53%
6Medium Fossil1,047,6733.77%
7Small Fossil749,2682.70%
8Ancient Tech Component661,3292.38%
9Silver Ore606,3892.18%
10Gold Ore296,9051.07%

--------------[Surface World Resources]--------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentage
1Tuber Plant30,51724.58%
2Glossy Starberry Vine16,27613.11%
3Basic Boulder10,8528.74%
4Exotic Tuber Plant8,5136.86%
5Twisted Aloba7,4385.99%
6Desert Sword6,1924.99%
7Kranut Plant5,0904.10%
8Starberry Vine4,9303.97%
9Beanstalk Boulder4,2713.44%
10Waxy Tuber Plant4,1263.32%
11Rosetta Nox3,9993.22%
12Mottled Tar Spot Fungus3,8433.10%
13Oortian Rice3,8213.08%
14Oorum Wheat3,7443.02%
15Ancient Oat3,4722.80%
16Tinted-Burst Fungus3,4222.76%
17Boulder Tower1,8901.52%
18Juicy Starberry Vine9550.77%
19Tapered Boulder5890.47%
20Oortian's Staff1720.14%
21Spineback Plant470.04%

some biome related pics (will add better examples when I have time)
these are just a few examples from this world.

grid platforms:

redwood forest:

sheltered lake:

sawtooth mountain:

castle mountain:

jungle canopy:

desert cliffs:

overhang cliffs:

tiered lake:

old villages:

lush cliffs:

hex columns:

twined hills:

moat islands:

cliff islands:

tiered mountain:

more to come…

having bought quite a few and seen many others, the same biome choices can differ wildly, in quality and quantity from world to world…been interesting seeing what comes up though .


placeholder :tm:

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