Lakes, rivers, and waterfalls

I want to revisit this topic for a moment, and maybe broaden the question a little.

This is the kind of stuff I'd love to come across while exploring:

High-altitude lakes



The problem is, right now, it seems you only find water at a constant z-height. Meaning that right now, there really isn’t a concept of a water cycle.

So you don’t get any naturally-occuring high-altitude lakes, rivers, waterfalls, etc.

From Ben - “Water as it works now will almost certainly change. We’re favouring players having to channel naturally occurring springs of water (or rivers, oceans) rather than dumping buckets of water everywhere right now.”

Okay, so how do we make these things happen naturally? This is a case where I honestly have no idea how to implement this.

Why it’s important
• High-altitude lakes add variety to exploration and let you have a lakeside cabin without being “on the coast”
• Rivers are natural attractors for builds like towns, bridges, waterwheels, etc.
• Waterfalls are, of course, part of a river’s descent from the high lakes, and are just beautiful.

Okay, this post got way too long – the question is, is it even possible to implement naturally-occuring lakes, rivers, and waterfalls into world generation??


The world builder already supports these. We can generate lakes at any altitude.

Not sure about this one. @lucadeltodecso thoughts?

These are also - reasonably supported. We need to do some work to tidy up their generation. And as discussed on other threads - improve the visualisation.

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rivers and waterfalls should be possible, cuz they add a feeling of reality and reasonable building for the worlds. I hope you devs find a way to get those into the game … We believe in you :wink:

Although I want to have water very finite and channelable, I still want to be able to place water where I want it.

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Water definetly has a great inpact on the ambiance of a landscape but id much rather see an advanced river/lake generator than a dynamic water cycle (because i think this would be way to much effort to code and there are more important things to do atm.).
One thing i´d love to see though are different currents in the rivers( slow and peacfull rivers where you can fish and rapid streams that make bridges necessary).
Thats also one of the things that bothered me the most when they patched rivers into the minecraft world generator, bridges were still just for looks and not needed.

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Well Waterfalls shouldnt be an problem at all, you can also make Watererfalls in Minecraft. They just don’t look too good. I guess thats why they try to improove the visualisation.

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The world builder generates extremely small amounts of lakes even at the highest amount.

Feels like there might be an issue here. We’ll take a look…