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Hello, Some of you probably have noticed a build over one of the lava lakes on lamblis that is currently just a bunch of roads, and some unfinished.

I thought to let you know this is my work, I have one friend who is helping and is building off to the side. But this is like a big lake I had been staring at for a long time from my Silk Mint Gleam farm, and one day decided to just build over the thing, one big flat area, not blocking any resources, totally claimable, so I went for it.

Over 53 plots wide, I am still working to claim most of the lake (only protected sections between road claims exist, I have plotted all my desired borders), and then I plan to work up. Roads are still unfinished but mostly complete now.

I want to make a space station, that is the plans at this time. I maybe working on this for years to come.

I type alot. I tend to keep to myself, and like my work in voxel games to be 100% my own, just a kinda “I did this” kinda feeling… that and I dont get along with most people due to my unique nature.

I dont want to bother anyone with anything I do, so dont mind me, just me and my own personal project over a lake…

… that I cant help is visibly noticable from the sanctuary.

I plan to keep working in this space, slowly, at my pace… unless something else comes along that is more desirable. At this point, this is something I will keep spending my time on, for as long as I can play here.

Thank you for this lovely game. It ticks so many of my happy buttons.

~Green Roc


I’m currently working on replotting this, as my roads and other areas have been marked yellow on the map of the testing thing for the plot compactness.

I am trying to make more compact, and I have removed many connecting roads in order to have more plots to fill in the gaps.

The road to the lake will remain on the side with my Silk Mint gleam farm (nickname Gleam Acres accessed via Lamblis PS hub), but I will need to separate that road into it’s own beacon to have it considered compact.

I dont “actively” give tours, and I keep my workshop locked, but the roads are walkable. I’m more of passive kinda person, I let people look around, I’m not a good tour guide, usually busy doing my own things.

I’ll remake land-connecting roads later when I have more plots available.


My reference is this video by GGFizz, I want to make this on the ground floor, and when I get more plots, I want to make the Star Wars The Old Replublic MMo Imperial Fleet space station… thing. My plans might change but this is the rough idea I have. It may take me years. And I like that.

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Love your ideas ! Your a free spirit like me,just doing your own thing at your own pace.Enjoy being creative & have a fab 2020.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:also live in lamblis im solo player,(COSMICVIBRATIONS) I still will chat with players but i do play solo because i am happy with my own company and i like to do what i want when i want.I enjoy being creative & 'as long as i like what i build then thats all that matters.Ill play boundless untill i get bored.Im doing well because i usually get bored and move to another game.Ive been playing since ps4 launch.If i feel too restricted in the game i cant see me staying.Its good as it is now but i do wish that boundless had beacon & plotting rules already sorted when game was released. Cheers for posting your thoughts.


I’ve seen that name around, nice!
I dont get bored unless my PC isnt working.
I’m mostly solo in Ark, pixark, Creativerse, Boundless, and more! I play servers for the occasional help, and to help others, but most of the time I keep to myself. I am in a tribe in Ark, but my tribemnate I have known for years, at least a year before we tribed up, and even in the same tribe, we do our own things, and help eachother when needed, like having to be away for a few days, and need help keeping things fed. Few people I will work with, but only if I am compatible to work with them, which is super rare.

Their beacon compactness isnt set in stone yet. I’m glad they are asking for player feedback before adding it… I hope they dont add it.

Edit to add Update (Feb 25th 2020):
I am moving most (or all) of this project to singleplayer, the materials repurposed for a build on a lower tier planet. The beautiful skyline I’d stare at many times over the past year is now littered with hunter platforms, which are useful things for hunters, I dont disagree with the usefulness. I’m moving somewhere else.

I still use the two farms I have around this lake (Gleam and Lust Wood), and the day I leave this edit, I am considering leaving a 2-wide road between the two farms, but not totally sure on this. The two farms are pretty much on the opposite sides of the lake, and I’d like to travel between them. I like my roads too, they are pretty imo, so maybe I’ll leave one for passage across the lake, and move the large build plans for singleplayer, or elsewhere.

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I wouldn’t waste too many plots until we learn more. It would be a shame to change a lot and then learn it was unnecessary.