Lamp Ideas

It’s at my place on Storis. Come by any time :slight_smile:.



Wow these are all so good. Might have to fiddle more with my boring lights :sweat_smile:

How do you chisel the really thin poles?
Which chisel allows that please?

I think what you’re after is lattice.

There are two varieties of the thin poles using chisels.

You can go almost rounded by using a lattice chisel then whacking it with a bevel chisel. this will get you a 6 pointed star. If you use a basic bevel you can remove corresponding arms together. If you use a precise chisel you can remove each arm by itself. Then whack it again with the lattice chisel to get one of 4 sizes. Stacking ‘stars’ in this way and doing a gradient in sizes can achieve some very interesting patterns.

Do this same process using a square or precise square chisel to get a boxed look to your work.

If you would like to wander some builds that put these methods to fantastic use, walk through Fungi Forest on Antar VI and also Lefra on Storis II

I could wander both of those places for hours and still find new things to OOO and AHHH at


Thank you so much for the info

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