Land speeder vehicle

I’m sure people have suggested vehicles before, but I think I have come up with a fun and unique way to implement them. Please note, I feel these would be nice now, but the materials I list require teir 7/8 worlds and titans to also be released.

First, let me explain the idea. I am proposing that we have the ability to build/design our own surface based hovercrafts. These would require spark/heat to operate, would have to exist within a single plot’s space (8x8x8). They could only travel into beacons which allow vehicles (or warping too if that’s easier) and over unplotted space. Would “float” two blocks off any surface (making hills ok, but mountains still only scalable by foot).

How I propose we do this. To build a Speeder you need to make 4 things, place them, and connect them via spark links. These would be a spark generator (the ones we already have, or a special one), a thuster, a vehicle control module, and a floatation module (also acts as the beacon controler for the speeder).

These could be placed anywhere inside your vehicle plot, but would have to be built (placed) in unclaimed areas. It would include any blocks you decide to build your craft out of within the 8x8x8 space.

To craft these pieces.

Spark generator, (assuming we need a special one), same mats as originally needed with the addition of a hopper core, refined dark matter, and a number of spark sacs.

Vehicle Control module, a number of each tech components, machined silver, an led block (color would determine lights colors on it), and a refined blink.

Thruster, a number of each tech components, adrenaline sacs, a roadrunner feather, refined gleam (color determines your “exhaust port” color), machined gold, and a refined rift.

Floatation module, a number of each tech components, floatation sacs, machined titanium, a number of elemental fusion, and a titan only drop.

Edit: corrected prismatic shard to be the elemental fusion item i originally intended.


This kind of thing was already planned, but for flying vehicles. The idea was that you would beat the titan or the big construct boss thing, and get a core to use as a vehicle building device.

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Hmm, ok, maybe make a land based one not require to beat a titan then? That item in my proposal could just be some other teir 7/8 resource, or a combination of the other three (the blink, dark matter, and rift)

Possibly. Maybe there will be easier versions of the boss.

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ah man i expected a screenshot off one ya made when i saw the post :smiley:
thumbs up for vehicle our mounts
flying walking all types :+1:


I do plan to build a prototype of sorts. I suppose that would be a good pic to upload here if I get around to it tomorrow :slight_smile:


i got an idea and it might be stupid but its like 4 mechanical feet and we sit on it with controls doesn’t do much just would be awesome and shows your to pro to walk yourself :grin:
got blueprint:
heard dev’s talk they might put it in the dapper dan update


That’s an outfit I would wear. Could you add a cane or umbrella also?

why if we can have a cane umbrella?
mannetje2 :grin:

miss typed cane-umbrella in google and found that this exist image
car umbrella got me confused a sec :joy:
maybe dapper dan use this on his landspeeder

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Lol, I just felt that flying vehicles would be able to be bigger, faster, and (obviously) able to travel around almost any terrain.

A smaller surface only one would make exploration for atlas’s easier, give a safer way to get over lava surfaces, allow you a little room to store things to make “carting” things too and from easier.

The biggest problems I see are. It would need a way to be picked up/carried with you (or planets would be filled with parked vehicles if they couldn’t be transferred off world). You would run the risk of people abusing it by basically making a completely made of shopstands vehicle for greatest storage density. And a lot of current builds/roads/towns might need reworked to allow vehicles to travel well through them (why i suggested it “float” two blocks high is because our characters are able to travel under them in motion then still).

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you need an altitude selector maybe so it can ride on roads and higher up for ruff terrain
also agree it need be a item you equip our alternative it regen in the wild and not on your and friends beacons like parkinglot areas maybe
also could use craftable docking stations
as a way to park it

size wise it be difficult dont think it can be to big cause we all be using it :smiley:

I just want a glider for the air and diving suit for the water.
Would also like a pet dragon to fly around but you know.


Training and taming creatures is another suggestion for another thread :wink:

It’s not “land” but I was always awed by the solar surfer Jim uses in Treasure Planet, which is a movie that puts just enough sci-fi into a pirate classic.
It’s too frickin amazing and fun-looking to put into proper words. Might me an idea for a pre-titan drop travel option. Limitation is if the sun goes down (Or if it rains) you better land quick or hope you brought a parachute!


Under rated movie.

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Can we add boats to the list of vehicles we want?


Sounds nice. However I rather have a flying cuttle trunk mount. Mounts have been suggested for ages not sure why it’s never been added. Makes perfect sense for a game like this. Even if the cuttle trunk mount was a really rare drop it’d still be nice to have and worth grinding for.

My hope with the land speeder is it travels across all surfaces so lava and water too.