Landmark CBT Keys

I know it’s sort of a bad game but I have two landmark cbt keys left over from the trailblazer pack from the steam sale. Just let me know if you’d like one.

(General Discussion so more people can see.)

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Hmnmm, if no one else takes it, i wouldn’t mind getting one.
Otherwise, i prefer that you’ll give it to people who REALLY REALLY want it.

So let’s wait and see if there are any…

I really wanted to try it out :slight_smile: so thank you in advance

i’d like to try this game out :smiley: but i don’t really want to spend money on it :smile:

Well, that’s three people, so I guess… the first two to put their steam info or the first two to add me gets the keys?
I’m also listed as Champy on steam, usually the first one to pop up. (At least that’s how it has been when friends have added me.)

@Crazyaga @Predatoxic @Mittekemuis (Just so you guys get the notification.)

are you the BigBlueDeadDots champy? steam lvl 31

Nope, this champy.

I want you to give it to me ONLY if there are no other people who take it.
There are people out there who want it much more than i do, and i don’t want to take it from them…

So just in case no one else will want it, this is mah steam:

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