Lantern frames are inappropriately colored


I’ve been working in the cellar of the combustion farm for a week now. Since I do not just want to create a few fields, but the whole should also look good, I have already done so many vain attempts to bring everything in line.

The frames of the lanterns almost always make me disassemble them right away. I pay attention in my buildings to a matching color palette. For example, I am currently trying in my combustion farm with black and pale lilac gleam. Unfortunately, the frames are always the same for all lanterns and so for the most part do not fit into the color concept at all. Because it is a lantern, it also does not take on any color from the light.

Can not you make the frames somehow more neutral or colorize them to match the light source? So it is really hard for me to obstruct the lanterns aesthetically appealing.



I was only talking about lanterns today, and I feel if we could throw an extra ingredient in their recipe to give the frame color would be awesome. So if u want a black frame use black rock or wood, if u want red then use red wood or stone. And similar we could put whatever metal we might like for the frame into the recipe, gold, copper iron, whatever.
Lanterns for my build are fine as they are, but I know when doing more modern or futuristic etc they just done fit in, and now with the lighting changes they are really needed.
Any thoughts @james?


Afaik the engine only supports tinting the texture once, with a mask applied to it so it’s only the gleam parts that change colour. It’d be super nice to have this as an option if possible though!


Ok I can see that being an issue. Iirc there is metal or alloy in the recipe, perhaps if we just had a few different frames as standard depending on what’s used


Ie wood as is maybe uses any wood, then an iron, gold, silver and maybe titanium variant


I do not know if textures are dyed or exchanged. When they are dyed, it will be hard indeed. But I would be grateful if the color of the elements were more neutral and darker. Especially in diffused light, the edge is highlighted extremely, because the block itself lights up. Both wood and the metal are very bright colors. If you use the color of the grid, I think that would not be so extreme.