Large Area of Wasted Plots in Ultima Guild HQ (+Screenshots)


Only way the plots will be reviewed is if they close someone in from being able to build on. Its a form of griefing.

That’s more-or-less the reason I figured the land claim in question should be reviewed. The claim basically fills the gaps amongst a bunch of other beacons, preventing them from growing.

If an area or a planet is too crowded, by your standard, you should consider trying a different area or planet.

On the contrary, it is not the crowdedness that I dislike. I specifically want to build in a crowded location. The problem is that this area can’t be crowded because of all the unused plots going to waste.


not just that, you have malls and market places that would then be reported. Variables here that would cause some bad situations.


Looking at the pictures, It looks as if he owns some of the roads also.

He could have just got bored and taking a few months break for content.

Ultima’s city is HUGE. There is a ton of spots to add to edge or squeeze in. If you left for a lil break, and came back to your land being deleted and other people on it, you would be beyond mad. I know i would.


It’s an existing space. Like in the mall, people set up within my plots. They are completely encased.

If someone encases someone maliciously, the devs would then look at it.


Some people plan intricate builds for months. How can you be certain they aren’t planning to build there? You can’t be.


That’s if he plotted first. If he didn’t than he prevented expansion


I neither agree nor disagree… I appreciate the Wildcat’s post was made with quite a bit of information and visual aids, and honestly while I don’t think the Dev’s should necessarily go in and trim plots as Wildcat would like, I do think this situation brings forth an interesting idea-

Perhaps plots that are left undeveloped should be handled in some way differently from developed plots, whether that be decaying/regenerating faster or the like. But of course this would be yet another system that would cause grief in other situations, so. Take it as you will.


Nope. If someone left that space open, and someone comes along and wants to become the new owner, no one is stopping him/her.


We can’t be certain about this. Some people build things right away. Some take awhile.
For example, I’m pretty sure @Hashmalash has to nab numerous plots for his builds, months in advance.


A plot does not have to be developed. It may be the intent of the player to leave it undeveloped, or minimally developed. That is not better or worse than people who use their plots differently.


I also plot out 3-4 away from my builds sometimes, especially big builds. There is WAY too many plots in the game to mess with peoples or plot right on top of someone. Devs gonna come trim my plots back if someone gets too close? I would quit game so fast. 48 planets, uncountable plots. Why would these few bother someone so badly if they aint even in the neighborhood of them.


I mentioned that in my original post. I know it was a longish post but I’m not sure you’ve sufficiently engaged with it to be arguing so strenuously against it right now.

I feel like your arguments are just ‘glancing blows’ to the case that I’ve made. In other words, you’re not really addressing the specifics of this case. What would this person build in all the little nooks and crannies that they’ve reserved between the other beacons?

Another very tangential blow to my case. Consider the specifics here - the shape of this reservation and the way that it intrudes into all available gaps. I’m confident that there is no grand plan for these plots (unless they’re hoping the other players get fed up and leave their beacons to go out so they can get those plots too).


‘Undeveloped plots’ is tricky.

Forcing plot griefers to become random prestige spammers just might backfire.

If any of these decisions were slightly under consideration at wonderstruck they need a system to force changed TOS clickthrough in game, and not affect existing fueled/gleam clubbed plots.

In this way they could allow people to be affected by the change when their plots beaconed under the current rules needed refueling.

I can see the problem here but deleting Grongash’s existing plots would create a very high likelihood that myself and many others would abandon investments in boundless and walk away immediately.

I’m new and it’s not a lot. But this is a case where it’s not even worth making a vague statement about “causing some people to be uncomfortable”. I would git.


There is absolutely nothing in the CoC or ToS against certain plotted shapes, nor any time constraints to build.

It is your opinion that the plots are “wasted”, not a fact. You do not know what the purpose of the plots are, nor would it matter.

“Boundless” is the name of the game.


did some of you not look at the pictures?
G clearly has plotted surrounding more than one beacon.
that right there is against the rules.
whether or not those people plotted first is up to the devs to find out, but it sure looks like they were blocked in.


The only way a dev would take action is if one of those people within the plotted area reported an issue, but it would be the devs taking plots from one player and giving them to another. If those ppl did not plot that area and are happy with their builds, and have not complained, why would a dev take action?


Thank you. I do the same thing.


I aint taking blows at anyone. Devs cant just start taking land. Because someone came along and think they should get it. It would cause a lot more problems then the few plots here are worth. And in this case, he is surrounding a few people. In a large town, youre gonna get surrounded. You take his plots. What now? someone else will get them and they are surrounded again. There is no gain in taking his plots. Its either him or someone else in the area this is in. That land wont last 30 mins before someone picks it all up.


Only these two are fully encased and haven’t complained, I assume. What if the person builds roads? Then everyone would benefit. Maybe he/she just wants the footfall from a busy area. Who knows? You can’t take something from another player just because you would have done something else with it or don’t like it.

There are millions of other plots to choose from and many other busy areas. Also, if you message the Guild, they may have a plotted space that they would give to you.

If you go to any established hub, you will see this scenario in every single one. Everyone wants plots near the hubs.


I have a 3x3 plot size area in Ultima Hub that I have reserved for when I get around to building out a shopping kiosk area. It isn’t that I am not going to do anything with the area, it’s just it’s taking me longer than usual compared to other players since I have less time to play than them. There are other things as well that are demanding my time, such as jump starting a YouTube channel with a rebranding of it and social media accounts.

Currently I am in the process of hollowing out a space for my workshop design so I can start crafting stuff and getting further up the progression tree including the stockpile of forge ingredients to forge stuff to sell and use.

At least that’s why I haven’t done anything with my plots near Ultima Hub. Plus there’s other places I could start up shops as well so I am mostly going to build out one location first and move onto other locations with different shop themes.