Large Area of Wasted Plots in Ultima Guild HQ (+Screenshots)


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This is my first post on these forums - I’m sorry it has to be moaning about something. I’m planning another post with some ideas and suggestions, but that will come later.

For now, consider the following image:

After examining it for a few moments, you might be wondering why there’s such a large area of unused land so close to the centre of Ultima Guide HQ. Perhaps you’re thinking it’s because of the floating structure that’s causing the large shadowed area on the ground (and, incidentally, also the place from which I took these screenshots).

But that’s not it. I’m talking about the area surrounding that shadow (above it and also to the right of it). Let me show you the real reason nobody’s built around there:

The ‘red’ area is the reason for the stunted growth of this side of Ultima Guild HQ.

Here’s what I think is bad about the red land claim:

  • Completely surrounded green’s building
  • Almost completely surrounded cyan’s house
  • Almost completely surrounded cream’s portal hub
  • Completely surrounded grey’s plots (although, admittedly, they are unused)
  • Claimed a huge area of land and then never used it - for over 3 months!

I arrived on Finata about 2 or 3 weeks ago and I struggled for a while to find an available plot within that forest. Eventually, I found the blue area. I’m not sure why red didn’t claim those plots. I think there must have been someone there previously whose beacon expired shortly before I arrived.

The reason I’m quite confident that red’s land claim is over 3 months old is that I found a video by Jiivita where he remarks on a structure that looks like the bottom half of the cartoon character: Bender. That structure is owned by red. The video is dated 5 November 2018 and the structure has not changed from how it looks in the video. This suggests to me that red stopped playing more than 3 months ago.

I believe that this land claim could potentially have been done in bad faith, given that it basically gobbles up every plot in between various other players’ beacons.

My question to any of the developers who may be reading this: Would you consider removing red’s plots?

The name of the beacon is “Consurgo” and its location is indicated in the image by the red pin. I don’t know whether you’d need to remove red’s whole beacon or whether it’s possible to manually trim the offending plots off of the beacon. If trimming the plots is a viable option, I would suggest doing it like this:

This leaves red with his road, his base, and his unfinished Bender statue. All excess, unused plots are removed.

You’ll notice that the image also suggests trimming the beacons labelled yellow and magenta. Yellow’s beacon contains only a crafting table and I think that it’s also briefly visible in Jiivita’s video, so I think it’s probably been that way for months. Magenta’s beacon just contains some kind of small staircase thing in the corner. Given the way that red claimed all the available plots around other players’ beacons, it suggests that yellow and magenta had already made their claims at that time, otherwise red would likely have taken those plots as well. So, I think that yellow and magenta are probably also inactive for more than 3 months.

So, what’s the opinion of the developers on removing these wasted plots?


Its part of the game and they wont be removing them. This is in every city. And some of the names you mention still do play. Also naming is against ToS.

People pay actual $ for plots. And taking them would cause a huge backlash against the devs.

Only way to get them is find the owner and offer cash or talk to them nicely.

edit: not IRL cash, meant coins.


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They are claimed plots & are 100% within the rules of the game. No reason for the devs to remove any.
Some people have purchased Gleam Club(x3, x9, x12, etc) and their plots will last for years.


Who you referring to?


If the plots are not violating the community standards or ToS, it would be a major mistake for the devs to interfere. It would create massive uncertainty among the player base if the devs just willy-nilly re-structured people’s plots. No one could trust that their build is safe. This is would be bad for everyone.


People sometimes take extra plots beyond their current build because they are planning to build something. There is no time limit or requirement for someone to build. Some people also plot to save the scenery. All within ToS.


Usually the way the game has solved this is for a group of players to gather together and create a new location that rivals Finata hub and dethrones them from this location being the center of the universe. I am sure there are many people that want to be in that area beyond you… but usually we just need to make another area more interesting so that the power monopoly shifts… that has happened many times in the game…

Plus you never know what that person has planned for that area… there is no requirement to build everything immediately… more than likely they want it for some reason or they would have released it.


People pay actual $ for plots.

I don’t mean to be pedantic but I think it would be more correct to say that “people pay actual $ for the ability to claim more plots”. (Not the plots themselves.)

Surely there is a case to be made for moderation. If you imagine a worst-case scenario where a wealthy person decided to troll everyone by paying for thousands of plots and reserving as much of a planet as possible without using any of it, then you can imagine that there would be a need for the developers to get involved and do some ‘moderating’. The question is where does one draw the line. I remember seeing somewhere (can’t remember where) that surrounding other players’ buildings is frowned upon.


Preventing player expansion is actually breach of tos. So the people that are blocked in on all sides by him have a case. But the rest don’t.


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No, people pay actual $ for plots, i had it correct the first time i said it. You buy cubits and cubits buy plots.

Only way the plots will be reviewed is if they close someone in from being able to build on. Its a form of griefing.

Devs wont do anything with plots just because they are in the middle of a town that someone would like to see grow.


I dont know, Using the word ■■■■ as a reference to a player in the game, that is not actually doing anything wrong. I would assume youre referencing yourself in the comment.


Ultima on Finata is the largest, busiest city in the game. People will go after any plots they can in that area. If an area or a planet is too crowded, by your standard, you should consider trying a different area or planet. There are 48, with millions of plots to choose from.


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Seems fitting with the attitude you show.


I flagged your posts as they are completely unnecessary and purely negative. If you’ve nothing productive to post, then don’t.


It is perfectly within the CoC and ToS.


Not completely since they completely surround a person.


The developers have to tread a fine line here, as anyone who creates city roads and infrastructure is very likely surrounding multiple peoples plots completely. And I guarantee they (the devs) are going to air on the side of caution.