Large Area of Wasted Plots in Ultima Guild HQ (+Screenshots)


Or an investment perhaps. An offer of a couple of million coins might persuade them.

Aware they’re not responding to PMs, maybe they didn’t see them.


Yeah could be that too. I have to remember, when I’ve finished letting my son mess around on his alt, to turn Chat back on as it seems to be an account-wide setting.

Or could be speculating, yes. Which I find distasteful but is an intended part of play by the looks of it. Land doesn’t seem to sell very well though, I’ve seen speculators snap up expiring beacons near my shop but they’ve still not sold a single plot AFAICT.


Shortly after launch, I stumbled upon this lovey island on Sochaltin I, which I thought was perfect for my insane castle build. Unfortunately, at this time I did not have neither the building materials nor the needed machines to craft them. What I had was plots, so I generously plotted the island away. I did not feel guilty at all, since it was an empty space, noone’s build for as far as I could see.

It took me three months until I had enough stuff to actually start building. I used this time to further enhance my plotted area. During this time, some folks had settled on the last unplotted spots. What they saw then must be what you are seeing right now: Their own beautiful builds spreckled between masses of semi-outlined wasteland that seemingly isn’t being taken care of.

Fast forward to now. The castle is coming along nicely (still ridiculously WIP though) and from the ~1000 plots I originally reserved, half are now being owned by my guild mates. “New Cydonia”, as the place is now called, has become the 4th biggest city on the planet.

What I want to say with this: Time is relative. For you, three months waiting for a beacon to run out of fuel is an eternity. For a newbie char, by gathering/processing materials for a big build three months can be a blink of an eye.


So if they intervene who should get the plots? Who is the special person that gets that right?

Once you start this trend it will be easy to adjust the reasons to fit any excuse. I could say all those people that have plots in ultimata should release them and allow those of us that cannot get into the city be allowed to use the land now…

In EA everyone was VERY CLEAR this would happen. The devs knew it and did not adjust the game so we are stuck with the decision.

If the devs are going to start taking land away from people they should WIPE the game and allow us all to start over so it is fair to everyone!


@james go on, I dare you! :grin:


My town has always had the same undeveloped plots since release, they are still there to this day, I know someone is attending to them because the beacon names change occasionally, attempts to communicate are ignored on the rare occasion I have seen the “owner”.

I just build around them, or wall them off and build in the opposite direction. If they ever decide to do something with them I may integrate them into the town, until then I treat them as waste ground to be ignored or covered up. I don’t see why someone reserving plots or just leaving a wasteland should stop my expansion or enjoyment of the game.

Making posts about it will change nothing, it never did when I tried and I doubt if this type of thing will ever be addressed, like previous people have said, it’s part of the game, annoying yes, but people will do things like this in MMO’s and it’s not worth the effort to complain about it.


I am afraid I will have to agree with some of what has been said already. They have not surrounded the entire settlement so Ultima Guild HQ can still expand. Maybe not in the direction they want to but they can expand so no rules are broken there. I do agree that if the person does not intend to use them, than it is ugly and does detract from the settlement. I do think that since plots can now be bought with real money, it puts the developers in a tough spot to start trimming or removing plots because one player or a group of players does not like where another has plots.

I do wonder in the past when everyone was asked about being able to engage in land speculation and a lot of players liked the idea if they really thought it through. This is exactly what would be happening everywhere. Players grabbing and not developing plots with the intention of selling them and in that case the developers would have given an official ok to the activity. What a nightmare this will be if they actually allow it.


Around one of the PS hubs, I don’t recall which, is starting to look a bit like this. People snapping up expiring beacon plots and sticking for sale signs up. Just makes the place look abandoned given no-one’s apparently buying land. Still, if they want to waste plots hoping for a sale I guess it’s their attention to beacon timers that got them the spot.


Nope sorry. I have over 1000 plots and a lot of them are empty and I’m taking a break. If I came back and they were gone because you wanna make a little expansion id be pissed. If having fun means you need a bigger structure than I suggest not building in a big city. If you don’t like the city you are in start your own.


Yea I’m game for this


Third nomination @james
Just get really drunk some night and press the “red button”


Is there a way to see when a beacon you have no permissions in expires? I haven’t found one and am hoping to see a gleam beacon that wasn’t built, go soon :confused:


It would be nice if Boundless was a game that contacted the players involved when a dispute arose like this. If a player is going to be unavailable, there should be an easy-to-use game/forum mechanic where players can turn VACATION mode on, with a date they will be available for contact from the devs. It should be in the TOS. There is really no reason, other than maybe number of disputes vs. dev time, that disputes like this can’t be resolved.


That WOULD be nice :blush:


No flame means one week


There is no resolution. It is what it is. That person bought those plots, they own those plots and you dont. The end.


When I build something, I plan on people coming in and plotting right next to it. So the stuff I build right now I don’t care if people build around it.

It’s also the reason why I want a rental world (connected to the public universe) that gives me permissions to whitelist who can and can’t build on it. Strictly to prevent this issue from coming up.

I haven’t actually started building any sort of city specifically for the reason that people just seem to want to be the scumbag they are with plot claiming.

However, I don’t like the idea of having any sort of system or process to remove plots from an area without a player’s consent or permission no matter how much time has gone by.

If I do decide to create a city on one of the existing worlds, I would probably farm Cubits and purchase Cubits to quickly acquire the plots I need to just plot the whole thing and with a 3 plot buffer zone around the whole thing. Cause even if people plot around the city after that I can at least build vertical within the space I have claimed and for what I have planned as a city design is more than enough to work with.

It’s just having rental worlds would be nice. It wouldn’t split the community up all that much if at all and they would probably be implemented when the game starts seeing some noticeable positive player growth trend for a while.

EDIT: Also keep in mind the developers want to allow this game to be moddable. So that already means private servers will come at some point that aren’t attached to the main universe. Whether you want it or not, the idea is going to be explored. I think that’s a good thing if players are buying the game and playing it on whatever server or universe they want to. More players means more content being created and published on the internet. That’s a good thing. Just some food for thought.


Nobody owns anything. The game could die, CoC/ToS might break (by you or company), etc. This idea that you own the plots you’re sitting on is imaginary. It is exactly for this reason the community needs more transparency from the devs about how conflicts are resolved. Not wanting that is illogical and insane.

Also, I have no affiliation with Ultima. I don’t seek out plots. I play solo on Storis II.


Interesting profile, @Titanfarm . A bit extreme for a family game that’s marketed to 7 year olds. :man_shrugging:


I personally have a few places plotted with over 150 plots that I am currently not building on. I had an issue on Malurialakrib where a certain layer kept blocking in my diamond mine farms and naming the blocking beacons things like “denied” and “tempo block.” I attempted to get devs to help me, but I never had any griefers plots removed, so they don’t really enforce the TOS much. I fixed this problem by going to a different hotspot and dropping a bunch of plots up in the sky to make sure the hotspot is reserved and my mantle level entrance can’t get blocked off again. I hope to eventually build on those plots, but it’s low on my list of priorities. So I’m against removing anyone’s plots period. There are ways to make sure people can’t take the space you want. Make 10 characters. By the time they’re level 50, they’ll have over 160 plots from the free cubits. If you want more plots on your main, use him to turn a bunch of rocks into stones and them refined rocks for the XP. You get cubits everytime you level up, so