Large Silty Soil Area on T1/T2 Planet?

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I am looking to make a ton of glass, I always use Trung for sand but dont have a good spot for silty. Any suggestions? All of the regen farms I found are quite small and slow down the rates to stop and toss a bomb

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What I usually do is go to a regen farm and leave the closed area to collect outside of it. Usually get a full inventory and only need to regen once


I go outside the one in the TNT area and can get an inventory full in a few passes. Lots of it all around.


If you don’t want to go to a regen farm, maryx is great for silty and peaty. Each run in big ol’ stripes across the planet

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Same for Lutrion


Use the TNT hub to raxxa, in the minihub look for the “soil farm” portal.

There are all three soil types there including a large amount of silty. If you don’t want to regen you can continue on well past the beaconed area - in this region you can fill your inventory with silt before you need a regen bomb.

Just pay attention to the grass type and you can minimize other soils.

On Till there are lots of areas that have 1-2 meters of silty on top of 2-3 meters of sand. You get a pretty decent ratio for glass there.

I have a relatively large farm for 3 types of soils in a single beacon on raxxa.

Single plot contains 8x8x3 = 192

4x8 plot-wide clay soil (6,144)
4x5 plot-wide peaty soil (3,840)
4x4 plot-wide silty soil (3,072)

The coordinates are 2,112N 1,248E Alt:56

Come visit if you are interested

Unfortunately I have no portal connected to it yet. I’ll work on it

Bob’s farms. We have a big silty farm if I remember right and it’s on a tier 1-2 planet

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Tried Nova Golda’s Regen Farms yet?

Got a nice silty one there as well…

All the regen farms are on T1/T2, the orb one is on a T3

I’ve opened a portal to raxxa compass hub for easy access


boori guardian hub. Silty and sand equal proportion. Even area with furnaces if u wanted

I already have 192,388 sand in chests next to my furnaces, just need silty!

Pretty good silty farm on Lasaina.

Take the Train from TNT then take the Silty Soil portal on the other platform. Can usually get 16 stacks before needing to regen.

Reapers has one on alder that I like. I think it’s silty.

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Yeah we have silty and sand. Both are pretty huge areas and not closed in. Access through tnt resource hub. Or just come to the towers of power. Farms are located in the cabin across from the sword.

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