Lasaina Cathedral

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Hi All,
Ive been back in the boundless universe around 2 months. I lost all my previous build on Boori due to being slack on the fuelling beacons, my bad…
Anyhow, I returned with a decent amount of capital at least to get me back on my feet. Fresh with new enthusiasm I decided to revisit a project I once did on a smaller scale, in another game of blocks, a cathedral build inspired by St Marys Cathedral in Sydney, I am based on the Australian Tier 1 after all.
I am still doing finishing touches here and there, particularly with the surrounds, bu the shop inside is open for business. I specialize in forged tools with no quirks, and am slowly building up my stock of bricks, including a decent amount of exo options.
There are a couple of ways to get here, there is portal at the Boori Portal Seekers hub, just behind the Grovidias Te portal. Additionally the Cathedral is located a short walk from the Lasaina PS hub, at Mullumbimby.
So you know what it is, what I do and how to get here, so I’ll just pop in some screenshots taken by the lovely @Greenheart and hope to see some of you guys pop on by…

Cheers Ando


Definitely go check this place out!! It is a gorgeous build well worth a look see :grin:


beautiful, inspiring work…gonna definitely pop over and have to have a look around


I don’t even have words. First thing tomorrow I’m taking a tour! Thank you I needed something to brighten the day.


Amazing build, a must see for sure!

Welcome back mate :grin::beer:


That’s lovely! I’ll come buy stuff from you this evening.


Very nice build; well-done @MrAndo :ok_hand::+1::+1:


Will you be adding the deco glass coming out?


Very nice work :grinning:


I’d say most likely be lookin at some minor renos for the glass yes👍


Thank you all for the nice comments, appreciate it❤


Absolutely beautiful work!! :sunglasses: So many amazingly talented folks here, you all area always impressing me so much, I mean that! :slight_smile:


That’s an amazing build!!! I’m going to be mad at you if you forget to fuel this beacon!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I’ll do my best this time lol


Hi again guys, I’ve just updated my prices on forged gear and slashed thousands off, if you haven’t come to the cathedral for a look, and maybe a little confession, now is the perfect time…


Hello again. I recently made the decision to shut down the forge and bricks shops in the cathedral for two reasons, I needed to free up the mesh limit for my mass storage area, and also wasn’t seeing a lot of traffic/sales probably due to location.
The good news is that my good friend @Greenheart hooked me up with two very handy shop plots in duskmoor mall to setup an outlet each for both my forging and brick ventures. Both shops are directly adjacent the portal hub so stop by and grab some gear…