Last Accessed/Used By

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Hey Devs! Can we have a feature that shows who last accessed a machine/storage? I have several ideas for public areas that (to enforce accountability) would really benefit from being able to see who accessed what storage/machine and even tying the name of who crafted what to every item. I know this is possible because forged items tell you who made them.

The main idea is to be able to know who accessed what last and who crafted which thing for public crafting areas to make sure there is accountability against theft or misuse.


The only reason I see this not working as intended. Let’s say someone crafts an item. Let’s say it’s crafted by person A. Person B comes along and steals the item from the machine. Then person C comes along and looks in the machine to see if it’s free for use so they can craft something. Would person C then be seen as the “last to have accessed” the machine? Would you then accuse person C of taking the goods despite the fact that they were really at the machine for a legit purpose? Just curious about the edge cases of this suggestion

this is a very good point, maybe it needs to include a log of when items were removed and removed by whom?

are u letting people use the machines our items to craft aswell?
can use special locks and then when people wonna use give them acces
but to secure this 24/7 you need incent good system
got more details on how your setup is