Last hours the Birthday Event

We spent a lot of time here and we had fun. It was clear to us that we would say goodbye. We would like to say thank you and look forward to next year


That is soo cool you made that :heart:


We usually get one around Valentines so Maybe in a few months we do it again!


It was my first of this kind it was amazing.

Made some new friends and learned so much.

I just reclaimed my Delta cave and screen shotted my loot treasure.

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It turns out, it’s important to manage expectations here. There’s not really a “usually”. They put out a couple when they created it, one was near a Valentine’s day. As far as I know this list is complete, and you can see rough dates here:

Since Tiggs (or someone) has been able to do it we’ve had two more. All of them have been near events or holidays but with no particular association between a color-changing exo and a specific event.

I’d call it a “random perk” still, at this point.


End of Tanthul


I heard some rumors that in the final hour Gleam color on [Tanthul]
frequently changed to Red …
… well, we never know, as this Color changing EXO has vanished in :boundless: Eternity :boundless: now :wink: :thinking:

Thank you DEV-HQ for this Birthday-(Planet)Present :+1: :smiley:


Last two FEB MAR but really? Two were in 2020 the other one? So still possible.

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Also after looking at that I’m wondering how hard it would be to change the world type or tier. I’ve no clue if it’s in the system like a setting or requires an entire specific world profile to be loaded.

T7 color-cycling umbris world maybe? Seeing the palette ranges that show up on different world types and tiers would be cool. Generally James had said that the higher the tier the broader the variation possible in palette selection but also it seems the 7’s have them specifically pretty narrow.

I’d like to know more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My head had to be in the sand I had no clue they offered it before.

Crossing fingers for another now i know how farm mass quantities. Looking at my reclaim I didn’t get as much as I thought I did and I need to find the color chart to figure out the rares.

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You can look here if the item is not available in the color listed it is either EXO or Gleambow. Go to colors then World control then sort by color and you can see whats available in that color.

Haven’t flagged this but my bet is that it is a bot.


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