Lava + Water in Block = 🥺

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I was building my trash chute/incinerator.

Pictures of the finished Incinerator

This is the side that I had to replace twice, while building this.

Note: There’s water on the ground, placed into chiseled blocks.

So, I was building, and some lava from another room (old room) poured through. It went all over the chiseled blocks full of water, and turned them into stone! :dizzy_face:

I don’t think this is supposed to/should happen. I just lost roughly 25 Linear Mosaic Cool Taupe blocks from this accident. :upside_down_face:

Here is my replication of the incident in a safe containment area


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Mosaic turning to stone? Surely this isn’t suppose to happen?

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When I saw it happen, I couldn’t believe it lol

This happens when a block has been chiselled and u have either water or lava inside the gap then it wil destroy it as full block

I had this with Lucent blocks…

Because u could not create a sloped stone when its turned into stone by lava… but maybe a fix for it in near future?


Ouch, that stinks…

I would like this. I don’t think liquids, chiseling, and blocks should behave this way.

that is 100% correct :wink:

the same effect has soldifier totems if you use it for creating solid blocks with it

I have definitely noticed that it occurs with chiseled blocks + liquid. I just don’t think this should occur at all.

Your blocks should not be turned into stone.

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Water and liquids will turn to stone - I agree that solid blocks should not turn into a different type of block - they aren’t liquids.

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Yup I know all too much about this, it’s the way it is :slight_smile:

It also ‘eats’ ANY blocks with water/lava in, like machines + power coils


I know the powered coils can destroy almost anything - but…yikes


That’s painful to read lol

I hate when that happens, I work with lava a lot and it happens, rarely but it happens.

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Any time I had this happen i was right by it and the blocks popped up into the air(floating) and went into my inventory. Happened to @Ratchel one of his hub redos as well. But if you’re not there when it happens it would just disappear after the time is up. But maybe we are odd cases

Tho there still was stone placed in the ground because of the lava and water mixing

I was standing about one block away when this happened.

No blocks went into my inventory.

Hmm wonder if it’s dependent on how chiseled the block is. We only had one square chisel hit on the block. But again it could just be we are odd cases and just got lucky

I’ll test that out, so we can see

when i was figuring out the mass stone generator I lost 14 power coils :joy: But i’m not mad, because I love the mechanic :smile:


All the different ways I can think of chiseling: slope, precise, squared, and lattice. I also think that I am close enough, that if any blocks popped up, that they would be in my inventory.

(Lava didn’t reach all they way so I placed a block onto the newly created stone.)

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Doesn’t matter how you chisel it, because your putting the liquid block inside the other block, so when lava touches, it turns to stone causing the chiseled block to be destroyed.


Use only lava instead of other liquids, best way to prevent it from happening or just don’t use lava.