So, I am not here to complain about lava. Just want to start with that.

I was wondering if lava will be a collectible resource in some way shape or form. Cause I want to make pillars of lava using glass for natural light sources, and base defense. But also was wondering if lava could also be used for say an energy source for the crucibles. Like, can I put it in a natural pool of lava and just have it burn infinitely? Obvious danger there being I would have to build my base by the bottom floor.


I like the idea of being able to fuel your crucible with lava, but I don’t think you will ever be able to create source blocks of lava like in MC because, as with water, there would be too many edge cases where they could be used for griefing.

I reckon if something like a lava fuel source were to be implemented (probably post 1.0 now), it could be a good as an unlockable skill for use with a stronger titanium (or beyond?) furnace. Seeing as lava is also very abundant on the surface of some words, and pretty much available on deep caves on every other world, it would have to be more difficult to procure as well (again possibly with an unlockable skill).

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i vote for buckets

A good solution for at least one thing he want’s to use the lava would be blocks filled with lava. Perfect for decoration but won’t cause any harm because it’s not a source block^^


perfect compromise