Leaf decay

Do leafs not connected to a trunk decay currently? I ask because I am clearing a forest right now, and want to know if I should just destroy everything or just the trunks.

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You’ll have to destroy everything :frowning:
I really hope they add that soon though.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s going to take a while to do that since the game lags every time I break a block…

I could help you if you tell me the world+coords

I’m on kohe at (-1961, 115, -2643) if you want to come hang out.

I’m on my way but its a long one

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We had a chat about that in the topic how big worlds will be. It’s part of the regeneration process which will come to the game. Looks like trees will then degenerate if they are cut off or damaged a lot and then will be regenerated again in a new random location.

I also hope that this feature will be added soon cuz it will be real game changing (together with the regrow of tunnels and mountains) :slight_smile:

Ps: here is a link…

https://forum.oortonline.com/t/how-big-are-the-worlds/2293/72 (hope it is the right post number :wink: )

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yeah I was just swimming around randomly from island to island for a while

I am with you on this. Every time I clear a tree, it feels to painful because I need to take out the leaves by hand.

Everything to do with the world regen, replenishing resources, and removing / regrowing trees will all be bundled into the world regen stuff. It’s coming. But we wouldn’t be able to deploy it without resetting the worlds. (Or only supporting regen on a new set of worlds - assuming we wanted to keep some / all of the current worlds.)


If u could chop down a tree, and the leaves would float upwards and diminish while tumbling it would be plain awesome :smiley:

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