Learning to spell

So I see all these crazy pictures of structures with symbols everywhere. I figure for arts sake, someone creative should go build the Oort alphabet and post it here when they are done. Then we can try to make sentences and make a grammar structure if you are really bored. If it makes sense, and the Devs take interest in this topic we may even be able to see our strange language in a temple somewhere, and it would be entirely decipherable, because you made it.

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yeah would be great. I think we should use english grammar but with own words. on this way it is special, but easy to translate if you know the words. English is not only good because many ppl know it, but also because its grammar is like elementary school level compared to most other languages ;D

PS.: May be we write everything in a single person type (like “I is happy, you is happy, they is happy”), so we would not have to invent own conjugations for all the words. The question is how to discribe different times (past, future, …) on this way?

I’d say - Particulate the spell, please.