Left hand activating on it's own

Occasionally, I’ll be working on something and suddenly my left hand bugs out and repeatedly spams whatever I’m holding. It’s always the left hand (this has happened probably 40 times now). Opening the inventory or menu stops it, but it starts again as you exit the menu. Restarting the game is the only solution I’ve discovered.

This only seems to happen when I have a controller connected, leading me to believe it’s part of the problem. I pair a PS4 controller to my PC via bluetooth, and use Steam, if that’s of any use. It’s happened when the controller is just sitting on my desk so I know I’m not accidentally pressing buttons.

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Hey it’s a known fault, happens to me all the time. Waiting on a fix for a while.
I tend to exit the game and then open again and tends to resolve.

I find triggers often when having accessed a menu
within a shop stand or basket and input a price


Ah, ok, thanks for the info.

Yes as stated it’s a known problem. I left click(activate left hand) and it stops it. I’m unsure if this will work with a controller but worth a shot over restarting.

I have tried both the left trigger and left clicking my mouse and neither seem to solve it. Steam just maps the controller button to act like a left click though so I don’t know why it hasn’t worked for me. I’ll experiment some more. :slight_smile:

It’s not just a console problem. It’s been reported so very much. I’m guessing it’s a very weird ui+button clicking bug.

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