Legal Permissions?

I tried searching for this, but most of it was beacon permissions or music copyrighted posts.

I’m thinking of making a website that has general introductory information for Boundless for newer players. Websites are a hobby of mine, so this would be something fun to do to the side and eventually see where it goes. I see there’s and there was

With that said, I was hoping to place the Boundless logo, a few screenshots and a few other various intellectual property that is yours obviously. So since I’m not well-versed in the legal side of things, I figured I could start by asking here and see if a dev might have some information for me.

Sorry if this is a double post. Like I said, I couldn’t find something and wanted to be respectful instead of assuming it was okay.

Whilest I cant speak on behalf of Wonderstruck, I believe as long as you arnt making any money off the website or using it to vent negatively about the game they would be fine with it, because any website in a sense is like free advertising - it makes the game more well-known to the internet.

Hey, @FlyingAces the easiest way would be to get permission from Wonderstruck directly.

The licensing gets complicated if you use the Logo and/or other assets of Wonderstruck, especially if you commercialize the site in any form. (Placing advertisment on the site is already monetization so be careful here).

You can be legally forced to take down Logo and assets if Wonderstruck does’nt like it at any point.
You will be relatively secure if you keep it non-profit, the worst that could happen to you then is that you have to take it down.

Good luck with your site.^^

@james any guidelines Wonderstruck has for fan-made web content?

Yes, I knew of the basics. And I’m also aware of the press kit they have on their website (which I’ve already downloaded). I guess I’m just curious what exactly I’d be allowed and not allowed to do with that press kit and the website.

Thank you!

Just do not monetize or make your own product out of it and you should be golden. But best try to get an official response.

EMail is better than a forum for this btw ^^

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You’re free to use the contents from the press kit and any images you find online by us.

Our only request would be to state that the site is “player made and not affiliated with the developer”. This is just so that we don’t get requests about content on other sites.

(Technically we own a copyright over all assets and files in the game, and anything published online. So if you ever wanted to include something taken from the game directly - or were unsure - just drop me a PM and ask for permission. Then you can say something like “used with permission”.)


Do you guys own streams and screenshots? Or do you mean assets like textures someone could datamine.

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I was looking for someone who can make site where you can post builds with location and etc info and maybe with votes later on people can add there templates when that becomes a thing cuase I find the forum a bit bad for that people see your build a day and it’s dropped into the archives to be forgotten I world Def post on this site instead off forum to do follow ups on aquatopian towns do you think this is something you could manage our would be interested in? Stuff like a monthly build off would be awesome and then we don’t need to build it together in-game just post build and have voting aquatopia would Def help out with price pots ow and there some in here that make killer fanart @Dhusk for example our @boundmore. Would be a awesome tool for inspiration just search church and bam 20 examples off churchbuilds


I’d be happy to contribute to this.


You could also contribute such a thing to the Official Wiki.… a lot of people search for a wiki when they need information, it’s got some professional SEO behind it, and it’s already got the devs’ blessing as far as intellectual property goes (after all, they started it and have said it’s the official wiki, although not for a while). It just needs more contributors and less animosity from the community…

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Is that site down? I’m getting security errors when trying to load it…


Try this:

Yeah, I think my internet was acting up when I tried loading that site. It’s working again now.