Legends of Oort: Oortlas the explorer

The following are a small collection of short stories and legends of Oortlas the explorer. If you enjoyed the stories please let me know below :smile:

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Oortlas’s first Journey:

Back when the Oort was but a tribe, there were four friends. Oortamus the warrior, Oortno the greeter, Oortedalus the builder, and Oortlas the explorer.

Now the land in which they lived was wild, and the tribe lived in a small village. The four friends decided that life in the village was not enough for them, so they set out into the unknown regions. They were in search of something new to inspire them, for they were the most creative of their people.

As they traveled, the terrain difficult to traverse, so Oortlas fashioned a grappling hook from some stone, twigs, and some tech pieces Oortedalus had invented. This made scaling heights from trees to mountains far easier.

They made camp on a plateau overlooking an expansive ocean bay. They decided that this was a good place to build an encampment. As they talked design and building plans Oortlas grew restless.

He wished to continue the journey across the world, so Oortlas left the others. He made his way across the bay, through green fields, dense forests, rugged mountains, and deep swamps. He even swam across seas and oceans. All over the planet, he roamed before finding his friends constructing the base on the beach by the bay.

When he returned, it was difficult to explain all the unique places he had found. So he fashioned a ball of metal, and tech to project what he had discovered. And thus the first Atlas was made, named after Oortlas in honor of being both it’s the creator and the first to explore all the land.

Oortlas and the mysterious stone:

One day Oortlas and Oortamus were exploring a nearby planet. They had arrived through Warp conduit, an invention of Oortlas’s own making. As they wondered the foreign Terrain a star fell from the sky. The fiery rock landed in a dense forest nearby. The pair of them approached the object, only to be ambushed by a party of spitters.

Oortamus made short work of each wave of aggressive creatures the firey rock seemed to attract. The meteor turned cold upon the final cuttletrunk’s death. Oortlas mined up part of the rock and found it was suitable for creating warp portals. So the pair of them mined up more of the rock, to make future visits to other worlds easier. Once they reached the center, they found precious ore, gems, and a strange deep purple stone.

They returned to their home planet, bounty in tow. With Oortedalus’s help, they managed to refine the violet stone into crystals, which they found were able to stabilize portals between worlds.

In time they perfected the art, making interplanetary travel easy, and accessible. The four of them decided to name this new stone Oortstone, for it was their legacy to the stars.

Oortlas and the other tribe:

It wasn’t long before new tribes of Oortians were discovered. Other planets became home to the species, and civilization began to take shape.

Oortlas was never satisfied with what he had seen across the numerous planets he discovered. He continued to search far and wide for new worlds to explore. Eventually, towards the end of his life, he discovered another species altogether. Not too unlike the Oort, this new species was also intelligent.

In time he taught them his language, showed them some of his creations, such as the grapple and the atlas. And before long Oortlas fell in love with one of the new people. Her name was Boundless, and he loved her dearly. Together they had many adventures, and eventually children. The tribal people were not ready to join the oort among the stars, but he left the knowledge of the warp technology with his eldest child. With instructions to continue to pass the knowledge from eldest child to eldest child, until they were ready to venture into the stars beyond.

It is said, this was the beginning of our people. That we are descendants of Oortlas the explorer, and that the line of Elders was never broken.