Legendville Mall: Do you need a sign or gleam change, or a path edited?

Just a general call for maintenance :blush:

Do you have a shop and want your sign text changed, your sign color changed, your gleam color changed or more? I can also edit gravel paths outside your shop, move your shop number placard around, add a mini sculpture above or behind your sign (two recent shops got a tombstone cross and a triforce). Or do you hate the color of one of the trees next to your shop? That can be changed too! Open to any other reasonable requests. I don’t have gleam club, but if you have GC and want colored text I can permission you to edit your sign.

While I just manage Legendville Mall, if you’re in another mall (Gmall, naughty mall, pxr, ng etc) I have no problem with you posting here for sign etc changes in case people want to consolidate requests here in one thread.

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^^ small problem does the owner of the beacon (where the sign is in) have GC.

Problem is beacon gets it from the owner every one that has permission in that beacon can color the text. You can’t in a non GC beacon. Even if you have GC.

I want a decorative oort statue of me at the top please. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will check my shop I’m sure there was something I wanted to shange

i want my shop on A55 to have a sign that is gleam, not metal. Tana gleamstead. gleam color night azure. text color: rainbow colors

Could you please get rid of the grass outside my shop, B2 I think it is, No Man’s Pie TIA

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More trees and bigger :deciduous_tree: on left lol

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All the grass??

@DKPuncherello Please, not bothered if dirt stays, just the grass itself.

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Got the gleam sign; what planet is that gleam from? Do you have any of it?

Grass trimmed

Baby working on your tree next, and the Oort statue for omeyocan :wink:

its exo gleam sadly XD. if you dont have it. i’d like some shade of blue like stale turquoise or another. even tho im the only metal sign within 5 shops. btw keep in mind i have secret free items behind the sign. then put iron furnace baces with silk teal gleam atop it on the side of it. like torches

I updated your sign so that it’s gleam not copper and I put stale cerulean gleam; I can put any other gleam up if you have it though. I’ll need someone with gleam club to color it though.

Wasn’t 100% sure what you meant about torches with furnace bases, but I made you little gleam torches out of lattice and iron; you can show me what you mean in person :blush:

What number is night azure? Couldn’t find it at Fante’s

i think the color was actually night lilac. from an exo