Let players choose a soundtrack for their world in the world builder (from some preset choices, of course)

I think it would be a good idea to let players choose between diffrent “sets” of soundtracks that give diffrent moods when they are making their worlds in the world builder

This way the worlds won’t only look diffrent, they will also have music that creates a diffrent atmosphere!


Sounds like an awesome idea, but would that mean that most worlds would have different soundtracks? or only have 1 single soundtrack on loop rather than switching depending on stuff like combat or whatever? :smile:

Diffrent sets of soundtracks, not just 1 soundtrack on a loop :d

thats a nice idea, hopefully we will have enough soundtracks for this to be possible :smile:

Whilst I think the World Builder should support a degree of theming - I think the player’s actions and status are better inputs to the audio system. It’s also important to think how things scale. If we have 50 worlds, 500 worlds, 5000 worlds.


It can be a combination of both.
it can have worlds with diffrent musical themes and music that is effected by the actions of players at the same time
I know it will result in needing alot of soundtracks tho, which may be time consuming to implement…

I think having varied main background audio between worlds would be amazing, and make them each feel more unique. Even better if you could somehow steal it and attach what sounds you want to your beaconed areas.

Gives one more thing to go out exploring and scavenging for. You don’t need new audio for every server, just limit audio sets to the same amount of color varieties.

This would take a lot of work, but if there was enough diversity and “shortness” to each of the soundtracks, and/or the ability to include more than one soundtrack for a world, this would be a great post-1.0 addition.

Just be able to craft a “Radio” block, that has an Oort channel, tellings of news and updates, and has a playlist of in game music, that players can play/request by crafting CD’s.
Other channels can be playlists with songs purchased from third party sites (of course, that might be impossible). The playlist shuffles, and players can skip or request songs with CD’s.

i would honestly rather have a few epic soundtracks fitting for everything rather than have mediocre soundtracks that just gets annoying, if you feel there is not enough atmosphere then turn down the sound and play ‘‘two steps from hell’’ or something like that :smile:

but yeah. maybe more music is something to look into after 1.0 as you said.

who would read the news? what would count as news? cant the exact same be done using spotify?

Yes I strongly agree- Ice worlds shouldnt have tropical soundtracks!

OOps sorry…guess I over shot that one. Yah, that would be stupid.