Let us have more than 250 beacon slots please

not sure if i speak for others…
but I reached my cap of 250 beacons and with the sovereigns and all we will use more beacons
i would like to see that increased thanks


I have the same problem with the location you can save

My list is always full, the amount is too small


yea same goes for locations indeed. but as for beacons now I’m forced to use my alt and i also got near 80 reclaims left
what also takes a beacon slot space i don’t want to be forced in removing them to open up slots or anything it suppose to be boundless yet we are bound to such limitations.
and if you are a long term player, the slots fill up pretty fast for beacon slots and location slots!

More locations yes

More beacons probably a bad idea IMO.


I’m with dk on this one. I like the idea of more locations, but the beacon limit seems pretty reasonable to me. Is it only for master beacons or any beacons placed?



I have about 200 beacons across 10 alts personally

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Yeah I don’t have more than 10 on any alt, lol. More seems excessive but I dunno their play style :woman_shrugging:

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I think it should be increased as I only really use one character and dont see the point in switching characters just to bypass a limitation, it makes no difference what character the beacon belongs too, once its claimed its no longer usable by anyone else


This 100%. What is the difference between 250 per character times 10 characters, or 2500 per account? I have one character for exploring planets and would love to be able to put a beacon in each region on every planet I map.


it should not be like this why are we bound to use alts for placing beacons?
im just using 1 character

Is there a reason for using beacons for this purpose and not locations?

You guys are correct about per account or character. My point though was even if it were 250 per account I wouldn’t have hit this limit.

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exactly some require more depending on their playstyle

well i have 80 beacons in reclaim, and im adding a beacon in each region on my 6KM planet that’s 64 beacons, you do the calculations… it adds up fast! and now if reclaims did not take up a beacon i would also have more freedom.
what if i get another 6KM planet with 64 regions? i cant place any beacons on there because i reached my limit.

Reclaims count? Didn’t know. Makes sense I guess?

We should be able to merge all reclaims. And yeah if they’re on your own planet they should be unlimited IMO.


yes reclaims counts towards your beacon limit

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I was tempted to set up a portal network and map the planets on all of my alts plus post of the forums to let everyone map all of the perma planets. I guess I only need 50 at a time to do that, but I’d like to keep it set up that way anyone with 2500 oortshard can contact me to reactivate them, if need be. Or a ton of oort to light up every planet at once as an event but that would be all 2500 beacons.

Not a bad idea. But I actually think it’s good if the game makes it so you have to level 10 alts to be able to claim that many beacons, to make that particular sort of use case less accessible. You may be reachable but others might do the same thing and not be reachable. And what if someone does that, buys 2 years gleam club and then quits and doesn’t check the forums?

Not raining on your parade. I had the idea before too :blush: my idea though was to run it in rotation, 1 world every day at a set time

since its somehow possible to have your beacons removed by a dev without communicating to the owner , i don’t see this as a problem

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250 beacons seems like a lot to me, but I’d welcome more locations. and some custom folder system to organize them, not just planet filter


I wonder if it’s possible to have the beacons/locations for a planet, listed under it instead of all mixed together?

ie: if you click on the planet Delta, it shows you the capital 1st, then your beacons, then your locations/waypoints. And maybe the beacon/location limits could apply to each planet, not your entire account (unless the limit has to be this low for server reasons of some sort)

Same with rental planets.