Let us make a Salad


I have so much fleshy leaves that I might as well make a salad with them.


As long as it requires spicy and sweet beans and some lean meat



Oh, man, that’s perfect!


I love this idea!! Salads with variations :slight_smile:


I’d love myself a starberry smoothie :ok_hand:


Isn’t that coming with the farming update?


What buff would it give? More luck? Thats what we currently dont have :roll_eyes:


Whats next… gluten free cookies plah


Nope. They are sugar and gluten free. :sweat_smile::joy:


A cookie without flour or sugar is just butter and eggs. Speaking of which, we already have butter, but maybe if Hoppers laid eggs you could throw and they explode…


They’re here.


Oatmeal too


Ew, beans in a salad?! lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Please don’t add to the bean-gathering horror!! The recipes they are in already require SO MANY BEANS!
If you add beans to the recipes for salads, then please reduce the quantity of beans required for all recipes. Thank you.
They will taste better if there are fewer in the recipes :wink:


Hoppers? Road runner eggs!

Ohhh! In a future update there’s a chance it drops an egg or two and you can keep it warm under some gleam and lava and then it hatches and we have a baby RR! New farming mode born!!!


Potato salad (yam salad) gives you 1/3 of each (yam) benefit if you make it and eat it. “Chef salad” 1/3 of each meat you make it with. Foliage as the actual lettuce or compact foliage


Add fish to the game for tuna salad. Starberries can be fruit salad


I had a dream that involved a den full of hoppers with a giant egg in the middle that hatched into a larger hopper.


I love this!! Except… if I hatched and raised them myself, no way I could then kill them. :sweat_smile: They’d all have cute little names like Beep Beep and they’d be my pets. :rofl: Maybe raised ones could have a chance to drop a feather very, very rarely.


Just build cramped crates and stuff 'm all in there then when they are fully grown open the trap door underneath so they fall into the lava pit, oh, and look away! :smiling_imp:


Update 225: Factory Farming. :skull_and_crossbones: