Let's make player made locations or even dungeons

Let’s make player made locations or even dungeons!!!

Monster specific spawners, automatic doors , traps, etc… treasure chests, etc.

Make it so the owner is FRIEND so monsters, traps, etc do not damage you (make building and testing easier.)

Imagine a spooky hidden entrance to an extensive sized catacombs!

Or a huge abandoned city…wonder what’s in there?

A castle on a hill… what treasures could there be?

Maybe toss in some ability to inject randomness into the mix …


Would ve nice to have that.

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Check out Treasure Hunt! I put in a 2x2 portal at DK’s Ultima Tree middle floor. Very cool player made dungeon concept - check it out! I’d love to see more players try the same idea.


Don’t be surprised if they are making some sort of player-made dungeon system.

I just hope that we do have dungeons specific mob spawners. I think it would be complete BS if we had the same old stuff we’ve got already instead of more dungeon-like stuff.

I think some bat creatures would be nice. A spider as well. Bats and spiders of some kind. Maybe some Oort corrupted bats and spiders? I think boss mob spawners would be nice too.

Either way, I think that if a beacon had these kinds of permissions on it or some way to register it as a dungeon (kind of like how the shop scanner stuff works by enabling and disabling it showing up on the scanner) I think we’d be able to to effectively use them as points of interest. As someone has mentioned, aligning them to a dungeon guild would be great so dungeon design teams can build a dungeon with very specific intent.

A lot of other kinds of things could be made for dungeons, such as different types of vault door that operate off spark. A feature like this better come with a lot of meat to the substance it contains other wise it’s going to be a little lackluster in keeping people engaged long enough until the next slice of major content is released (mob releases like the warp wraith aren’t major content releases).

I think this is something that would definitely encourage exploration and building. Give the adventurer some sort of reward at the end for completing the dungeon with a rewards chest that can only be opened by people outside having beacon permissions. The reward for the builder would be the footfall involved and reputation for creating some very fun and interesting dungeons to run through. If anything, it could also be a way to buy dungeon specific mob drops and dungeon rewards (which could be rewarded in the form of a crate or box you can pick up). So it brings in the economy side of the game too.

I just don’t want the piece of content to be simple to be simple on the amount of content it brings to the game but complex and robust in what it offers in terms of options and replayability. It would also be cool if it introduced other neat bi-product things into the game that are used outside of dungeons. Similar to how liquids were introduced by Farming. It was a good decision. It will always be a good decision to do stuff like that.

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I think the biggest issue with player made dungeons with spawner traps is the possibility of abuse just to kill players for fun. Like, setting up a shop that leads to a horde of angry elite wildstock or something.

The second biggest issue that affects us more right now is giving players rewards. If you set up a shop stand one person can take everything. If you set up a ticket or storage system you need to add the person as a friend to give them storage permissions or to physically trade.

I think the second issue is easier to solve first - a shop stand setting that only allows you to take or buy a certain amount of items per account as opposed to per character would do wonders for this.


I’ve been working off and on for like 10 months on a catacombs dungeon under one of my builds on biitula… I would love spawners and traps to fill it out…


You should also definitely look at treasure hunt :blush:

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It isn’t difficult to come up with a basic outline of how dungeons can work without introducing the obvious glaring issues.

  • Have a dungeon beacon setting that only allows for placing dungeon specific blocks, meshes, and machines and only work when the setting is on.

  • Create a reward chest or box of some kind that can be opened by a player and it randomly provides a reward from the chest and has its own settings. The rewards have to be restocked just like a shop stand but are pulled from randomly. Whether the reward is character or account based should be a dungeon beacon setting too.

  • Dungeon specific mobs

  • Dungeon specific mob drops

  • Various mechanical devices that only work in a dungeon beacon

  • Dungeon specific items in general

I really don’t get this whole out cry about features and mechanics getting abused in negative ways or about death traps. Heck, haven’t heard about death traps in about over a year. It’s a non-issue when you make very clear and obvious things about a feature not abuse-able. You can still technically make death traps in the game today. There’s a lot of obvious ways to do it too. I haven’t heard of it being an issue since over a year ago. Have you?

If they hide a shop inside a dungeon, then is that really abuse? That’s almost like saying it’s abuse to dodge a spitter’s attack by moving behind terrain or digging a hole under a meteor portal so that spitters and wildstock fall in it and can’t run around killing people during a hunt.

In fact, I wouldn’t mind having a shop inside a dungeon that has super low prices and those low prices for certain items makes it an additional prize on top of what you’d get from the mob drops and dungeon completion reward. Not trying to sweep the obvious issues under a rug or anything like they don’t matter, but they’re pretty easy to solve and I think a lot of the existing solutions already exist in the game.

I would think that the devs at least have the foresight to figure these kinds of issues out anyways on their own since they’re so simple to figure out in the first place.

At least this is something that a lot of people want!

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I’m pretty sure we will see a bunch of dungeon related updates in the future.
I’ve talked to James about a few things in the past. I gave him my suggestion on creature spawners. And I think the main thing is do you get XP and drops from them. Which will most likely be no due to the fact that people will use them to AFK level and get creature drops. Also suggested locks with keys. Chests and a few other dungeon related ideas. :crossed_fingers: hope they won’t be too difficult to implement. In the mean time. Get your dungeons started. And do what you can with what we have now. It’ll be easy to add creatures after if we do get spawners.


Hm you could kinda do keys. Have guild books with auto-accept hidden in the dungeon, and have locked doors that guild permissions would let you open…

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Yeah I thought of that. But no one will want to lose guild buffs to do a dungeon. And you’d need a bunch of guild books. It’s more work than I want to put in at the moment. Plus I’m confident that locks and keys will come soonish.

You don’t have to set the guild to primary for permissions to work

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Dungeons could have randomly generated chest based on difficulty. One you flag plots as a dungeon rewards would scale based on types of creatures, amount of creatures, and size of dungeon. For the people that are making the dungeon they would not be at a loss either trying to keep rewards in there dungeons. This would also allow for maybe multiple chest in the dungeon allowing for the larger builds to have multiple rewards. It would also allow players to choose the size of dungeon they want to run based on the time they have allotted to run one. Example I only have 30 minutes I would want to run a smaller dungeon hour to 2 hours I would run a larger dungeon. Just a thought.

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