[Suggestion] What about account-limited shop stands?

Originally suggested this in the dungeon thread, but figured this deserves its own thread.

Basically a setting for shop stands that allows you to limit how much of an item can be bought per player account. (as opposed to per player character, since 1 player can have up to 10 characters)

This has 2 uses.

  • One is to give away free stuff without having 1 person take everything (or him logging onto his other characters to take it)

  • The second, more important purpose is to allow player made dungeons to properly reward players. The only way to give rewards in dungeons currently is to offer items for free (in which 1 person can take everything) or have a token or storage system, both of which requires meeting up with the player to trade.

This suggestion would therefore solve this and allow for more player creativity.


This, at the same time, could allow something like a key, paired to a door, to further allow a player to create dungeons for other players. And levers, to have a timed or toggled “open/close” effect for the same purposes.

Perhaps, even allow the owner to ban grapples for the beacon, as a measure to prevent cheating puzzles by grapple.

Shame we probably can’t get something like movable blocks to push around, though.
I doubt the engine has been made with such in mind, at least.


Love this idea. Third use would be, offering special prices or having promotional sales without having one person wipe it out. There are several things I sell, plus my giveaways of course, that I’d use this for, for sure. I have good prices on a few things to try to keep them accessible, I’d really like to limit sales of them to a certain number if I could, no question, though that might hurt business.


Yes, so much.

I suggested a similar thing a while ago but I’m not sure the devs understood what I meant:


I do not like this idea because if I am looking for 3 SS of something to build with, find it and get there and discover that I can only buy one then are we reducing the effectiveness of the scanner that was just added? So now I might have to go to multiple stores in order to get all of an item I want even if one store had the quantity I wanted?

If they allowed this, then the only way it does not punish the buyer is if the scanner either:

1 - Does not show shopstands with limited purchase quantities. If you are using this for a dungeon then it should not matter anyway and you probably do not want it to be displayed.

2 - The scanner only shows the amount that can be bought. So if you limit each player to 4 of an item then the scanner only shows you have 4 to sell with a marking to indicate the owner has placed a purchase limit.


So much inspiration forming from the topic you linked. I know it’s the old world, but it’s absolutely stunning!! A little sad I never got to see it

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You have a fair argument there, and I agree with your suggestions, however I think that in itself shouldn’t be a reason not to add account-limited shop stands.

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Fair enough. My concern is also the players that will exploit this functionality by having a large inventory at an attractive price trying to get footfall versus really wanting to sell. Does not cost them anything but wastes a buyers time. They can just move the shop stands around every so often to keep this scheme going.

If they are going to add functionality, I would prefer they take its impact into account and try to avoid issues up front. As long as they do something to not diminish the value they added with the shop scanner, then I can see the value in the suggestion.

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Same happened with shop scanner people were way too concerned about others abusing it but I have not seen any abuse so far.

As suggested before maybe it would be nice to add a different item, a chest of some sort (maybe like the ones we get when we lvl up?)

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Since this is for mini games I would think it would be turned off by default in the scanner. You can set shop stands so they don’t appear in scanner btw. :blush:

Maybe the item could be a treasure chest instead - one free item per account, wouldn’t show up in scanner, cool new graphic

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I could totally see that working too.
The reason I opted for shop stand over new block is because I figured itd be less work, but both ideas work quite well!


I agree

I think using an existing item is probably faster from a programming standpoint then new art and recipes.

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Using the reward-chests from exchange (with animation and all), would give them a better reputation…
And they allready got tiers from wood to umbris.

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So it sounds like both of these needs can be solved by the “free item shop stand.” If so then I think it is a pretty obvious change that is needed to our existing shop stands:

Under options allow a check box for “free mode.” In this case items do not have prices and have a setting that allows the owner of the stand to mark how much of the items displayed can be taken per ALT or account (maybe we need both, maybe we don’t). This “free mode” shop stand would not be displayed in the current item sell listing. Or if it did it would be marked in a way that it was obviously in a limited mode.

Worse case is a new asset but I don’t see a real need for that when an option layer could really solve this problem and protect the other concerns around abuse people brought up.


That’s basically what im suggesting, the only issue is if, and how difficult, it would be to limit it per account

The question probably would be can they tie it into like the permission layer or need to design a whole new layer. Also how would they track that data and store it so they know when to allow you to buy and when not.

I do think we are missing that “time frame” part of the suggestion. Are you expecting a single purchase and never again or one per day or what? This is probably where things will then get too yucky.

Pretty much yes, only one person per ship stand until its “reset” or moved.

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Just in case people forgot, you can sell and buy items for 0 coin in shop stands and request baskets.

Of course I don’t know enough about how shops stands work versus some of the other areas like permissions, regen, etc but because the use case is staying pretty simple I like it very much myself.

I could see a variety of uses for sure.

So in that case I would assume they could do a simple “allow” “deny” option for purchase. That might be pretty easy since that could fall into a permissions type solution. You have the ability to purchase and then you don’t until it is reset by the owner.

I’ve been working on some hidden treasures at the moment so this would be great. But in the meantime I was thinking of having a shop stand and a request basket in each of my chests. The shop stand would have an item for 1c. Which would then be purchased in another chest for say 10k. So to get all the coin you’d have to run around back and forth to get all the coin.