LF guild!

Hello there,

So I’ve had this game for a long time but never played it because I haven’t been able to find anyone in game to play with. The worlds have always been empty and I’m hoping now that there seems to be a lot going on with the game that I can find a group of people - guild who can help make that happen.



I think a lot of people play a bit sporadically at the moment and you’ll often find a lot more people online right after an update.

There are still quite a few that play regularly though as far as I am aware. What time zone are you in and what times of the day do you play the most?

I’m from UK so generally play around 10pm GMT (but usually not every night), and usually play on the unstable test release branch.

I’m waiting for the core features to be relatively set in stone before getting into playing this too much :stuck_out_tongue:
Once stuff like progression and guilds are in tho, get ready be cause I’m going to be on as close to 24/7 as I can. Also I’m going to be continuing my guild/town from minecraft on here, trying to get some of the 100+ people that played on my old server interested~

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I don’t spend a lot of time on boundless but when i do, I try to build my beacon near others in an attempt to meet people and be close by. The environment is beautiful but it can get quite lonely. I hope there will be many players on boundless when this game launches its 1.0.

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I’m PST and I intend to play a lot as well if there’s an active community.

@vivientyz I’m not sure how beacons work or how the world works as well.

I’ve seen there are beta versions of the game, which do you play on?

my beacon is gone since the latest update.
Can’t wait for friends list or guild to start.