LF someone to make me a portal

Hey everyone, i just need someone to make me a portal that connects my shop in the dk mall to my home in anvil on planet segi. i will pay coin for your time,skills, and materials :slight_smile: thank you

do not hesitate to let me know if this task is unfeasible or there is something i am not aware of regarding portals, since i do not 100% know the mechanics of one

You just need portal conduits, oort shards and the portal epic unlocked on the epic 2 part of your skill tree. :v:t3:

If you need any of the materials let me know I can help you :blush:


ok i am lacking the portal epic skill, thank you for pointing that out, i appreciate the response!

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I’d imagine @DKPuncherello would be happy to open the portal for you, as long as you already have oort shards for it and the matching conduit set-up at your place on Segi.

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i have oort shards, i need to buy some more portal conduits, i just do not know how big of a portal i need for the distance

i want the portal directly in my shop so it is within my beacon not the dkmall beacon

That’s a large blinksec jump (19) & will be expensive to maintain. It requires 15 conduits. So 5 x 3 or 3 x 5.

ah ok i didnt realize it would require a lot of fuel, thank you for letting me know

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If you need to know any costs/distances etc, this may help you out… http://boundlesscrafting.com/lore/portals-and-warps

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For a 15 conduits portal you will need 900 shards of Oort every 5 days, it’s expensive to keep it open.

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oh wow yeah that is way more then i can keep up with, thank you for sharing that resource

Yup seginaikai is far
If you look in the main hub at DKMall you’ll see all the planets that are reachable by 4 conduits or less - these are the “US East” servers

You may benefit more by opening a portal to a hub that already has a Dk mall portal. That way you can open a cheaper portal but still be able to get to DK mall very easily.

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thats not a bad idea at all, the TNT hub is probably pretty close, ill have to ask one of their members