Life Of Hermit

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Most of us are aware of the biggest settlements in Boundless Universe.
What about all the small homes built in shadow of cities or in remote corners of the worlds?

See some interesting builds from AU worlds:


Nice video mate, i’ve been to a majority of the places shown in your vid too :stuck_out_tongue:

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You must be one of the Eternal Wanderers, Sir :sunglasses::grin:

and I owe you big thanks for all the reviving on Galan today :grinning:

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i always loved that aqus entrance.

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his place there feels magical, and the location in blue woods helps it as well :sunglasses::heart_eyes:

Your welcome the pleasure is all mine besides i try to make it my job to be a full time medic on hunts :grin: But yes i can be one of the eternal wanderers but i’m also the owner of my town Cairns :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:

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nice vid, thanks for sharing

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Very nice job!!! I’m glad people are doing videos like this! Especially for those of us who hideout in our homes crafting or going on hunts. We don’t get out much haha.

You’re Very appreciated @boundmore!

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