We difinately need lifts. For towers and underground bases. To avoid using portals for such things.


I can’t find the thread but I know this has been discussed many times including ladders, anti gravity beams/blocks etc …hopefully it’s something that will be introduced soon/ish as I personally tend to build vertically rather than spreading out and stairs get a bit dizzying and can take ages if you build up high as well as all the space they need.


The issue with lifts are that if they are not procedural, it can be heavy on the system. They are avoiding all animated machinery for that reason. However I do know a glitch with half doors where if you close it on you and hold space bar, it super jumps you! P.S I was the founder of the glitch. :slight_smile:

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What does that even mean, you were the founder of what?

Of the glitch. :stuck_out_tongue: I initially discovered it with regular doors when trying to create a dupe glitch. However it turned into a super jump/insta death glitch depending on how you do it with half doors.

Oh you mean you were the first to report it … well done :grin: