Light Berry (166) or Bright Violet (165) gleam location?

Has anyone seen either of these gleams? Boundless Information Station doesn’t seem to have any listed, and I need some for a project. I don’t know if a Sovereign planet can have it or not, but I also don’t have one available for myself to use, even if either of them are.

I’ll mine it myself just fine, if someone knows where it’s located.

Light Berry and Bright Violet are both unlocked gleam colors for SOV worlds.
IDK if there are SOV-s around at the moment with these colors.

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Thank you for the info.

Does anyone have a Sov that isn’t currently ‘busy’ that I can briefly use to get a little bit of this gleam? I’ll pay for the trouble, since I shouldn’t need more than a few hundred of each at most.

how much is some?

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About 400 of each, at most. At least that’s how much I assume I’d ever need for it.

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@Ocfos I have light berry if you still need… sadly I don’t have bright violet.


My bright violet stands at 70 or 80. If it helps, if other players can chip in them you will eventually get your 400.

Someone being able to change gleam colour on their sov would be ideal though.

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I still need it, yeah. Haven’t gotten any yet.

Absolutely, yeah. I don’t really know anyone who actively plays the game, though, so I’m a bit on my own in terms of someone owning a sov.
Really been a while since I’ve last been active in the community, up until a few weeks back.

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I’m at work now and won’t be online until 7pm-7:30pm EST (Canadian). I have a complete ss of Light Berry with your name on it… Use what you need from it and keep the rest for future projects :slight_smile:


It’s usually enough to post in the forum to get a response from someone eventually. At times when I had additional hunting/gathering exo I would change any block colour if someone asked and I saw others doing that too.
So, maybe soon someone with available colour change will see this and help.
Otherwise maybe someone with bright violet gleam will offer some as well and you’ll be able to get to 400. I sure can part with what little I have.

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I can set one of my sovereign planet’s gleam to bright violet after I finish work. I’ll post directions once it’s done. Should be within the next two hours.


Go to TNT Finata, then go through here:

Then look for here, to the right as you come through the portal:


Thank you so much, I’ll get right to it. Didn’t see the messages until now because I haven’t been on the forums for a lil week.

I have replied to your DM as well, @DaOne82. Sorry it took a li’l.