Lightbringer Green Shop Just Stocked

Today the workers of Green Shop searched high and low to bring our best leaves, flowers and shrooms to you all.

Today we bring you 2 colors of ghost flowers, 1 color of Aloba, Spineflower & Cloneflower, 2 types and colors of shrooms.

We also have a few different colors of seeds to grow that grass and few shades of leaves.

Jump into that portal connection can find us off of Trior Nevermore (Shadykatt’s castle), Kaos Valley Sorissi off of our beloved TNT or Dragon Hubs. If you get lost theres even a short cut from Bob’s Sap on Trior farm.

We look forward to serving you the best the world’s has.

While visiting Lightbringer Green Shop stop by the Mead Hall we have hot pies and cold / hot drinks.

We also have shop stands spread out throughout.

See you soon

Pardon the bust were always building.

Z - Lightbringer Trior


Got any Cobalt Rosetta Nox ?

We’ll be purging the storages soon so stay tuned. I most likely have a few somewhere.

The contractor just tore down the temp storage and machine room jammed everything into boxes.

Z - Trior Lightbringer

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Currently we don’t have any in stock. We may have cobalt gladeflowers were still unboxing storage and new shipments.

I have sent the Oorten crew in charge to find a source. If you happen to know a source the crew will be happy to collect them

Today at Lightbringer The Q was stocked with various boulders and word has it the Green Shop and The Dock will have new shipments coming in today.

As always the Mead Hall is fully stocked with hot pies and cold/hot drinks.

Z - Lightbringer Trior

I need to make a visit

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All your grass seeds & flowers you’ll need are now stocked.

998 Gnarled varies colors
22k Verdant VC
14k Barbed VC

800 Spineflowers VC
18k Ghostflowers VC

And the leaves will be stocked tomorrow.

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So the Oortling was on the ball today finally finished stocking Green Shop with Foliage.

Lush 793 VC
Exotic 9K VC
Waxy 7.9K VC

Last night some cleared us out of Ghost Flowers but the Oortling restcked with misplaced flowers.

See you all soon.

Z - Lightbringer Trior