Lighting "tricks"

There was a post somewhere i can’t find, about creative ways to light things.

I know if you chisel the corner of a block, then it becomes almost transparent to light. are there any other blocks or ways that lets light pass through things? I know Glacier has a nice “glow” but it does not actually let light through

Foliage lets light through, maybe some of the other organic blocks, to varying extents. Thorns ofc :stuck_out_tongue:

Light and Fluid flow through blocks on the same mechanic, so if you want your gleam to glow through a stone block it has to expose something, say a nip with a bevel chisel, on the side the gleam’s on. Then it also has to have a chip off of the side you want to glow.

Square chisels can do this, I don’t know if a slope can, without just chipping a hole through the block space. And there are definitely some examples scattered around, but I’m not sure about tutorials, per se.

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There’s also the chiseled light block (gleam/lanterns etc) to use if you want to light up a particularly difficult area that you DON’T want to chisel a notch out of to have gleam behind show through.

lattice chisel to make the ‘star’ shape, then either bevel or square chisel to turn it into a diamond (or square) shape. Lattice chisel again to change the size.

I use these ALL over the place to light things up.

It’s one of the reasons I love Boundless like I do. Colored lighting is a massive factor in the final look of a build


There used to be a Lighting School on Grovidias Te I think but it seems to be gone now :disappointed: It had lit up tunnels you could look at the design then walk through to see the effect

Oh my! that woulda been great to see!

Poweman was a genius In lighting. If you chisel blocks at certain angles the light can come through I still haven’t perfected this.


I have a few ideas that you could use, @Crete!

Drop me a DM, and we can arrange a day to hang out … otherwise, Boundless School is currently setup at Boundless United, but since that’s a bit dead, well, I’ll enable the portal at the Mushroom Kingdom hub. :slight_smile:

Essentially, though, if you just chisel either corner of a block you can let anything light or liquid through …

Also, there’s a limit to how far light travels in glass, and that’s about 8 blocks.


I think that white glass distributes lights pretty well:


An example of lighting from old Brown town.

Found this a while back. A lighting idea from EA.


I always bevel chisel the edges of the block and hide the gleam under a border and the light comes through. If this is a bug and they fix it some day…then my whole place will be dark as hell :slight_smile:

Some examples:


Sweet interior @Pannero

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I always loved those bricks and gravel better.

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Yea, that’s super clean!

It’s all about chiseling and creating a “crack” the gleam can reach through… the same way that it snows/rains indoors through chiseled walls/)


Fully chiseled inside and out with all the gleam on the Inside .


wow, very nice! Thx for all the ideas all!

When the new glass blocks/panes came out, I was excited. Until I learned that glass panes let in rain and snow…