Lights went out while mining

Mining on gamma for rift and all of a sudden screen goes black:

Assumed I had just switched out my loot stick(fist), but you can see its still in my left hand. Switching it out and back again makes no difference.

Had to go to sanctum, and that fixed it, but seems a weird bug!

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Happened to me the other day. Took about a minute for it to fix it self for me. Tho I was shopping. Thought it was my tv at first :joy:

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Happens to me prob a few times a week. I also mine fast and a lot! It’s just a visual glitch out. So much data is refreshing at once. It slowly comes back. If it doesn’t after 20 seconds go to santum.

that happened to me on raxxa.I was underwater (a river) to mine some soil. I had to reload the game to fix that

But mine went totally black and i couldnt go to sanctum

The dangers of going TOO FAST!

Happens quite often with me actually, rather annoying. Just waiting and standing around resolves it too after a bunch of seconds…

Was anyone here also using an Explorer’s Fist with the same forge effects in the screenshot shown in the first post?

I had a wayfarers totem with max auto and max glow if I remember correctly. Tho I was running towards a shop. Went thru a portal everything loaded fine and was rendered and while I was running up to the shop it all went black.

Does it take a while before the issue crops up in game?

I can’t say. It was the first time it happened to me. So @AeneaGames or @Savior would be able to answer that better

My first time too, after about 20 minutes of mining, but dont know how long I’d been playing in total, or whether that matters!

It only happens while mining and only after a little while, 15 to 20 minutes or so. Can happen again in about the same time period later on. Been happening for a few months now.

I’ve not been able to reproduce this so far. Is there any other information that can be provided? For example, a few comments have mentioned mining blocks very quickly. Did some of you max out any of the tool mastery skills?

Yes, v speedy hammers and all the skils

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Yes all max, speed brews max loot/ light totem. This has always happened to me since I can remember early on. It just doesn’t happen enough to be a issue for me personally.

I wasn’t mining or breaking any blocks when it happened to me tho

Thanks for the replies. I’ll add this to the bug database anyway.