Limited Plots Per Beacon?

I recently made a topic suggesting some changes and additions to the Exchange. My main issue with the Exchange currently is the ability to purchase plots with real money. While discussing the problem with others though it gave me an idea that may deter people from being able to plot large swaths of land by purchasing them with real money through the Exchange. Well, not completely stop them, but stop them from claiming a large amount of land at once just through money.

My idea is that beacons can only support a certain number of plots. However, this number can be upgraded by upgrading the beacon. To avoid needing the beacon’s appearance to be changed, the beacons could have slots where a special item is inserted which when in place permanently increases the beacon’s influence (number of plots that an be connected to it). If the beacon is destroyed, then the beacon would be returned to the player’s inventory, and the upgrades could separate and stack together as separate items as well in the player’s inventory.

Do you think this will deter people from being able to claim too much land? Or will it simply be annoying for players?

I think as long as the limit can be raised, and the initial limit is fairly high it shouldn’t be a problem. What do you think?

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Personally I would find this annoying. I would prefer to see if your concerns even become an issue before asking the developers to make changes. In the existing universe there are already builds that use thousands of plots (the hive being one) and no one is claiming that we are running out of land. In fact there have been more complaints that the worlds feel empty.

There are also people that might use the ability to buy plots as a way to reserve the land they need for a large build early before they could earn them. This stops people from building too close to their build or taking areas where they had planned to build. SO there are possibly good and bad reasons people might buy plots.

Also I believe the developers have said once a planet becomes plotted to a certain percentage they will add planets.


Nothing is stopping you from placing multiple basic beacons next to each other and circumvent the need to upgrade.


I think the premise is flawed…

Why are people so worried about the what if a person drop’s 20,000 dollars on plots and runs around and plots an entire planet!!!

That would be awesome for you and me and for boundless, thats alot of money that boundless can use to keep the game running so other cheepskates can play for free… whats the big deal really??? Just think how long it would take that silly person to actually plot the planet?

Ever tried to unlock all 50 regions now image going to every plot on a planet?!? That would take him weeks! And then would he ever build on them all… very unlikely but what he did do is ensure that the boundless servers will stay up… And the Dev’s can always simply put another 10 planets into the game whenever…

So there is No reason to try to stop " A good thing for the game" from happening!!!


By release there should be a lot more players though, right? At least I would hope there are more players. I’m not sure how large the testing community is. I would expect with more players land will become more hotly contested. Currently, there is also no way to purchase plots with real money, but after release it is planned to be implemented. If it is really that easy for them to add more planets though (without slowing the game for players), then yes it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If that is the case, then if someone wants to purchases thousands of plots themselves, then it will certainly help fund more servers.

That’s true. My only concern though is that it costs extra resources to place more plots, and if you have to place another beacon then that would perform the same function. I assume most would want to upgrade though as it would be easier to manage permissions.

That was only an exaggeration (I think most people wouldn’t buy enough to coat a planet). I see your point though.

I would say it’s more in the millions to plot a planet.
A planet has over 300000 plots and even with 10 cents per plot, you hit 3mil.

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I certainly didn’t attempt to do that math and yeah your right it would take a lot more money then that as the planets are huge…


Doesn’t the number go down if you multiply it by 10 cents? Wouldn’t it be 300,000x0.10=30,000? So I think Sulfurblade was closer initially, though still an insane amount of money, if one actually wished to plot a whole planet.

The main reason I’m suggesting not having plots be purchasable with real money, or instead change how beacons work is it slows down people’s ability to claim large swaths of land in a very short amount of time. If beacons need to be built or upgraded first then it slows the process just a little, but hopefully not so much that it hinders players.

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And the universe will scale with the number of players so why would land suddenly be hotly contested? What makes a piece of land good for me and you are probably not the same thing. It is not as if we need to get land with access to infrastructure like roads, pipes, electricity in order to build. This is a case of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Even if you limit plots that can be attached to a beacon, beacons are cheap and unlimited. So if this ever becomes an issue, I think it would require another way to deal with it.


This isn’t really useful - because if you limit blocks per beacon… you can just place another beacon? And they are cheap so, its not helpful really

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The idea of limiting plots per beacon basically is a net negative to anyone who wants to heavily focus on being a builder.


Land won’t ever become hotly contested. As has been stated several times the system automatically generates more planets with population levels and can support tens of thousands of planets. Let someone have a planet for a ton of money. They just wasted their money as they could have had the same thing much cheaper by renting a private planet. Even if someone were that dumb to waste money like that anyone inconvenienced could go to a different planet (pretty soon leaving that individual all alone on the planet with no economy as they drove away the residents) and more planets generated. They did perform the nice deed though of making sure the developers have living expenses covered awhile longer.


Yes, I’m in favour of people being able to “claim entire planets” or large portions of one and I believe if this can happen then it probably will happen, given a lot of time and depending on the lifespan of the game. The only problem is that the current live universe we know only has 12 planets – and they’re crowded. So, the idea of people being able to buy infinite plots when space is limited is horrifying. But in a significantly larger universe, I don’t see this as being too much of a problem.

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As much as i agree with the OP it might become an issue (there is always a chance). The devs have also said i do not know if officially that as soon as a planet becomse seen as crowded they will add more :slight_smile:

But my question (to that regard) is say for example 2 years from now… 10 planest are over crowded… How long would it take the devs to add more? I mean, would they already be ther to implement 20 more on patch day? or would they have to be added to slowley?

If the latter then would it not make the universe more and more crowded for the devs to keep up?

(just a general question on how it would work dev side with the code and etc)

If planets get crowded, the system creates a new one automatically :slight_smile: so this literally is a non issue


As @james has previously said. As population goes up planets are automatically made and the system can support tens of thousands of planets. “The universe can and will be huge”. Nobody can buy anywhere near all the planets. Spend millions of dollars and it makes the game stronger as there is more money for continued development, larger staff, more servers, vacations and costs of living for developers.


A win win then… a win for the devs and a win for us \o/