Liquid light source

Ok so assuming devs don’t have 3 new secret liquidy friends for us I was thinking about getting some liquid light source.

Since it only could be a single color it maybe a good choice to chose between white or any grey.

Another thing to consider is it’s flow. I don’t know if it is possible to prevent this liquid from scaping it’s source block.

Why don’t want it to scape?

To be able to place it like this

Without this happening

I hope this is possible or I’m going to be really sad.


More relevant information


maybe have the liquid “Purified Phosphorus” and it’'ll be a glowing yellow. Only found anywhere on T7 exos Even the SKY could have them!

You can put a new type of glass (clear glass ?) to block it.
It should be the most close way to get the result yo want in the picture.

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Pretty sure there is way to obtain what you want with chiseling the bottom block so it flows through it.

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I remember seeing elsewhere someone say something about liquid gleam.
You could solidify it into actual gleam blocks, too.


‘Liquifier’ forge boon?

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interesting thought. So currently if you see a pool of a liquid you can harvest a block for every block the pool of liquid occupies. So if you have a 4x4x2 container filled with water you can harvest 32 blocks from it.

If I liquified gleam using the proposed tool into a 4x4x2 container, would I be able to harvest 32 blocks or only 1? If you can get 32 then it seems like a good exploit to get rare gleam, which I am not particularly upset about. If you get 1 then would it require a fairly big rewrite of the liquid system to treat liquids that are created using the liquefier different than other liquids?

Edited because my math was bad so early in the morning


I’d be ok with that, lol. I was thinking of a tool that just converted 1 gleam into 1 source block of liquid gleam with a low spread :woman_shrugging: I’m not sure though. I’m only 2 cups of coffee in
Or, instead of putting it behind a forge-wall, maybe throw some gleam (or amber or bitumin) in a furnace with some meteorite Ichor to ‘melt’ it

There are only three spots left for liquids, liquid gleam would need 255


That doesn’t sound very boundless, to be bound to 7 or 8 liquid types, lol.

Because each color or a block requires its own spot? So that means metamophic rock uses 255 spots? That does not sound right to me. I thought what they meant was three more types of liquids not three more colors.

They have one byte dedicated to represent liquids and thus only have a few more bits available to add 3 more.

Sure a gleam liquid could be one of the three but also means liquids then need an extra byte for the colour


Yes this came to my mind last night but since I’m suggesting a new block I may as well ask for a way to avoid using glass lol.

I’ll have to play with chiseling and liquids more. Tbh I haven’t tried putting liquids in walls until last night.

I found this

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I like the idea for a liquid light source.
Also the idea to liquify gleam.

Atm i am already using Lava to light up my roads. Would be nice for an other option :wink: .

@AeneaGames they could make the “gleam liquid” world bound like water. As water has multiple colors but they all are world bound.


Oh yes! That thing glows. Then having a non dangerous liquid light should be possible.

Also as a side note for everyone I’m asking for a neutral color light to avoid tinting nearby blocks.


:wink: I would go for a neutral light.
Or a light that cancels out the “atmospheric coloring” during the day.
Love Lamblis but I don’t like the color it makes my roads during the day. Most Lighter colored block’s turn greenish blue during the day.


I love the liquid light idea but being we don’t have the space for color and only 3 more liquids in the current design I am not sure I’d want to spend one of those last 3 for this. I think those 3 liquids should be held back until we have uses that are a large win.

I read through this thread and I’m still a bit confused as to why there is a very limited amount of liquids able to be added. What’s up with this talk of only having three more “bits” for liquids to take up, then no more? Why can’t Wonderstruck just add another set of “bits” so we can have more liquids? What is this odd limitation?

It deals with the space that was allocated for blocks and other things like the look of them, colors, etc. Once you build that set of stuff you can’t just adjust it unless you change other things. Plus the space used links into the network traffic we all have to deal with, etc.