List of block colours for all worlds (website)

Is ‘some time’ nearly here?

I’ve got an Oortian’s Staff that’s Deep Cerulean and can’t remember which planet I picked it up from. No other list has it listed as available in game, was hoping to use your app to figure out which planet it was from :slight_smile:

So… i feel like i keep necroing posts… but… Where can i find a list such as this that is up to date? everyone that i have clicked on in a search on the forums here have turned up results that are either outdated or maybe im just reading them wrong. Im looking for luminous red and cool violet… and i cant seem to find luminous red listed on any of the spreadsheets anywhere.

Big thing would be what you are looking for… rock? Soil?

I think kol huroo has luminous red rock.
Cool violet is no show in perma planets


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Buugi already anwered but if you happen to mean Cold Berry (that almost white rock) it is from Houchus I.

I have this version of that same file that i use on my phone with excel for android.

While that other one is cool, it doesnt work on my phone, because it takes forever to load, doesnt have filters and the tabs arent locked…

so for using it on my phone its basically useless

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