List of block colours for all worlds (website)

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Here is a list of all the block colours on every world:
(I know, such a memorable URL :roll_eyes: )

NB: Just because a world has colour data for a certain block (i.e Gleam), doesn’t mean that gleam can be found on that world


Is this just a harder to read version than the spreadsheet?

Maybe you can both make sure it stays up to date? Though I can’t for the life of me remember who’s it is :frowning:

EDIT: Sorry, been a bit rude, you’ve done a damned nice job. It would just be a shame if you were unaware of the spreadsheet!


I was unaware of that spreadsheet :joy: until it was shown to me a few minutes ago, but oh well


I’d be interested in how you extracted the full list :+1: (cache? The API?)

The spreadsheet has been mostly manual (good for knowing which are obtainable, sometimes bad for accuracy)

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Websockets! The game passes a big JSON with world data through the websocket connection when a world is loaded, with the block colours in there. Idk how to recreate those requests, so I just travelled to all the worlds :joy:


Oh, lawl. Charles Proxy or similar to intercept?

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Burp Suite :ok_hand:

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Might be neat to integrate this into the spreadsheet - that way @Okkelinor would just have to say “:+1: found this type of item on world X” and the color can be shown

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Should hopefully be significantly more readable now, still want to get some other features in too like searching for a block or a colour.

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OK! Just updated the site so that you can now list worlds, items/blocks, or colours.
Clicking on those will list the relevant information, and you can search!
Hopefully this means it will be more useful, and when I get around to it I’ll add the hex colours!
Edit: looks like there are definitely some issues here and there :thinking:
Edit: sorted!

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You’re the real MVP.


(Added actual colours to the site, may have increased load times a bit, though)

Edit: turns out I was a little stingy on that colour filter, 200 colours are used, not just 34!.. at least, I hope i’m right this time :joy: Now the site should be fixed and say 200 anyways


You both should just work together and we get a great reference for all :slight_smile:

Btw. could you add maybe a flag that we can set, if the item you are listing is really spawning at this planet?
So we can set a filter of just real finds and not all related reserved items for that worlds?

The issue with that is that it would require someone to verify whether they are there manually, there is no way to automatically do that, I guess unless I check whether it is on @Okkelinor’s sheet

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Yes, that i mean, work together with Okkelinor.
And maybe a kind of report function on the page if someone find a false flag or has an update for you :slight_smile:

Fixed a bug when filtering by colour where if multiple blocks on the same world had the same colour, only one would be shown.
Thanks for alerting me to it @Aanika!

Updated for the 6 new worlds :slight_smile:
If anyone fancies exploring, if there is gleam on Houchus it will be white!
EDIT: yep I can confirm theres white gleam now!


@willcrutchley first of all thank you for making this, I use it multiple times every day.

I wanted to report a bug I’m seeing.

To reproduce:

  1. Load the app fresh
  2. Bring up the filter UI
  3. Quickly click the right arrow twice

Expected result: only the most recent filter result set is displayed (colors)

Actual result: both items and colors result sets are displayed.

The workaround is to slowly click right, wait for the results to load, then click right again.

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Just a heads up, the website is returning 500 Internal Server Error.

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Yep thanks!, the latest release broke it, I’ll get around to it some time :wink: