List of bugs

Ok sin’s i’ve come back i had been experiencing a few bugs some that really annoy me lol

1.item’s keep disappearing example i had 10 ancient tech components then i was crafting and noticed i only had 1 left when all i crafted was stone hammers…

2.plots my plots keep changing one minute it say’s i own 12 plots then it says 15/12 now its fixed it self saying 15/50

  1. game keeps blanking out what i mean by that is this

also noticed a few minor glitches here and there

Edit: it now says i have 10 the numbers keep going fritzy

  1. Can you expand on this a little more?

  2. A few users have mentioned this happening to them on the forum, so we have made a note of it.

As for the blank screen, at what occasions does it occur in the game?

  1. I Don’t think my items are disappearing now more of the number next to an item is changing this keeps happening one minute it says I have say 48 timber then the next minute it says the stack has no number next to it.

  2. Ah ok thanks, sorry I didn’t check to see if anyone else was having the same issue.

  3. That bug has happened about 4 times so far I honestly don’t know what is causing it. Only happens when I explore but so far I’ve never had this issue on my own land.