List of currently accessible sovereigns and creatives and how to access them

if you agree, let’s get to work

Any chance colors can be added too to make it even easier to know which planets we want to go to? (I see only some of them have the colors) Thanks

My sovereigns, Peach and Pizza, are both open to the public. :peach: :pizza:

Peach has portals on the TNT Alnitans and PS Alnitans hubs. The portals currently lead to a multi-resource farm, including an exo/sovereign gleam color, 119 Warm Violet. No gleamballs on this world

Peach :peach:

Pizza has portals on the TNT Minorengle (Yamaska) and PS Minorengle hubs.

Pizza :pizza:


Hi there my friend.Thankyou for showing me your sovereign planet today.Ill be beaming there tonight to get hot cherry sedi.This game is more awesome now going round different peoples planets its exciting to visit these new worlds with a chance of finding rare gleam along with everything else.Im definetly getting a planet soon but first observe this new update.Hugs to you marcel.~ :heart_eyes:


Hiya i visited your new world yesterday & saw your rainbow unicorn statue.So nice to see your world with plenty of colours.I need to build unicorns for my project hope they turn out as pretty as yours.:heart:


Moraband V is open to all to enjoy and build if you’d like. Brought to you by Shadow Empire.

You can access it through TNT Sovereign Hub, and TNT Gleam Hub


Is pirtaeesque t5 open to the public to gather on?

You mean Piratesque T5. It is open for all but no portals yet. I’ll try to get some time tomorrow to post up its stats and all. Nearest planet is Besevrona.

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Hyperion from Houchis 1
Night Azure gleam


Accessible from Besevrona - MLG Gannondorf

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Accessible via TNT Norkyna

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Im beaming there tonight.Best update ever♥


I’ll add this one :

Creative :

Arajiel III

Placid - Lush
Owner : Goblinounours
Creative Bridge :
Raxxian Portal Hub at the Raxxian Sanctuary
World : Raxxa - Location : 2.244N; 678E; 66A
Note : Contact Goblinounours to open a Creative Bridge from your place


Warp via Besevrona.
A portal may be setup in the future or someone else is welcome do it.

I always went to Pheminorum for black meta.

I have those as well. We had a fun time clearing out the dense forests on top of one of the lowland hills to build the capital.
I think once the timer resets for the color change, I’m going to change some of mine to look like japanese cherry blossom trees and foliage.


im looking for Gobbledigook - tnt annex and Enjoy 2
anyone where to find them been trying

Gobbledygook was in the tnt annex, is it closed?
Enjoy is probably Litty’s @ enjoy divinity

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found it on a t5 via tnt