List of currently accessible sovereigns and creatives and how to access them

Nidavellir - Accessible through TNT Sovereign wall, PTG Hub, DK Mall, Fantasy Tree, Core Hub and Gyosha Mall, Brown Town and PS Hub in Delta Cancret

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Rattlestar Snakelactica - Accessible via Brown Town Hub so far :wink:


Your planet Shatee has those amazing wooden mounds that made fighting a meteor fun! I’ll be back, am swamped in stuff to do for a bit.


Oh my sov is missing
Eggscelsior! T5 burn world
Accessible from TNT mega hub, PS besevrona, Ultima besevrona, Eden Networks besevrona and TNT besevrona
With dark gray wood farms
Black gleam balloons and big white sponge farms
I made an extra thread but I don’t know how to link :joy:


:gem: Stebus Tinsula is accessible from The Conduit, our new mini portal hub at The Sky Diamond. Links from PS Biitula, Fantasy Tree, Ultima US East, Compass Hub Cephonex Merika, DK Mall, Gyosha Mall and others. We currently have luminous yellow gleamballs, black wood and other oddities.


@DKPuncherello Could you update your list when you have a moment.

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T4 Inhospitable Metal World
Accessible by:
TNT Megahub > Delta Cancret > P4
Lower level of C.O.R.E HQ > P4


Well people, we now have the promised Titan(s) :wink:

T6 Fierce Blast World
TNT Megahub > T5/6 Gateway > Alcyon > Zeta

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Artemis is accessible from TNT “Circ”.

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It’s not remotely up to date now haha

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not at all. the only saving grace is this and even then colors are not reporting…

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Added Fluorite & Stardrop Valley to my worlds list. Fluorite is the best amethyst ive found. Plus it has cool mint igneous <3. Stardrop Valley best titanium & gold.


Phyusion Frusty accessible through TNT Serp hub Ashen Taupe gleam. Rocks and trees are different shades of Taupe as well


Poll Ifreann is a T3 coal world. Colors change every 4-6 weeks and are currently pastels for Spring. Gleam is Crisp Yellow. The planet is accessible through the Brown Town Hub. (Directly beneath the “Be Free Little Sparrow” sign.) Permissions for mining and gathering. We can discuss building permits as well if desired.


Hi my new sovereign is T3 rugged planet.Portal is in lamblis at COSMICVIBRATIONS city.Sovereign is called The Last Lepprechaunes in my sky pink pyramid.You can mine gather but not plot.Have vivid lavender gleam ■■■■■ but have to put portal to the gleam ■■■■■ yet.Strong blue mud.Rose sand,Deep fushia rock,Strong lavender wood,mould,growth, beautiful biomes with a gleam ice biomme which is magical at night.I’ll add list of colours here very soon as only got this sovereign yesterday.My new sovereign I’m keeping forever now because it’s interesting biome layout is breathtaking with tall trees huge hills of flowers,sunflowers,woods,tangle and thorns on the sand with stunning scenery.And amazing for farming anything.I’m really happy how it turned out and its a keeper.Enjoy my sovereign if you are wandering the universe.I need to add sign on my portal.You can get to my city COSMICVIBRATIONS Through the tnt hub it’s next to pakkas portal I think on second floor near stairs.Also you can find my portal through HOSTS mall hub it’s called COSMICVIBRATIONS.There’s many ways I think tnt you will all no so best try that way if easier.I will add screen shots and list colours of everything very soon.Enjoy boundless everyone :heart_eyes:

  • SCHRODINGERS T3 Metal local portal from Tigg’s Tunnels on Cephonex Merica
  • BASH T4 Lush local portal from Tigg’s Tunnels on Circarpous I

Plotting is wide open on SCHRODINGER lava as long as you don’t block mining the gleam ■■■■■ and do not plot lava you aren’t solidifying. If you want to do non-lava or have an unharvestable gleam ball in your build and aren’t sure I won’t pull it for blocking resources, there’s a mailbox in the same pillar build as the local portal to the planet. Planets are big, but holy tamales do I not like hearing a tool hit an invisible ground plot instead of those satifying harvesty sounds I love about Boundless. It’s not complicated, I put these guidelines in this post to make it sort of obvious what I mean by you grief you poof).

BASH is a little less than perfect and might get rerolled at some point, same deal as the lava w/the open water spots etc etc etc - there’s not much to block on the water so it’s a great place to build, I think it’s fairly sensible what I mean, I’m one person and that’s a whole planet I jiust don’t want to hear the that clang when I’m not expecting it :smiley: Compactness if off to invite road building and extra fantastic if it mostly plots empty air, but there’s not likely going to be anyone building in your way so please don’t plot before you build coz that axe noise etc etc. I’ll try and reach you and be patient if I get a hair up my nose about something.

Tigg’s Tunnels can be got to via thes and other local portals:

  • DkMall - Stars Hollow Shop (wonderfully affordable stone-though-alloy chisels with trasnform, lattice, unchisel, autodoor) across lane E from my shop/basement workshop & house & storage & ice slide & other stuff at Schrodingers DkE61 in DKMall on Tava VII
  • Schrodingers at Caldera Mall on Biitula - I believe there’s a local portal to Caldera from PS Biitula
  • TNT Main Hub CIrcarpous I - local portal to Tigg’s Tunnrels Circarpous I near the back of Serp portal
  • Ultima Boori local portal to Tigg’s Tunnels on Boori
  • Tiggersville on Alder to Tigg’s Tunnels on Alder
  • Tiger Lake on Alder to Tigg’s Tunnels on Alder

Some of the signage is out of date and I’m mostly only running US East + all T3/T4 (Xa Frant - Trung - Eresho - Antar VI - Finata (doing this off the top of my head) currently are open and sponsored by ODF) but the main US East Purple line is:

  • Tiggersville
  • Alder (exit to Maryx to Beckon to Trior to Sorissi to Raxxa)
  • Kada I (exit to Pheminorum to Tana VII)
  • Biitula (exit to Cephonex Merica to Gyosha Ophin)
  • Circarpous I (exit to Lamblis to Imdaari to Xa Frant, exit to Grovidas Te to I’m drawing.a blank at the moment, if there’s another T3 in that group then that)
  • Delta Cancret (exit to Boori) - Till

[R’allichate] --[T4 - Inhospitable Lush Sovereign World]-- [Active]

You can reach it from River Towns and TNT Hub has 3 Farms there Gravel, Gleam, and Sap&Bark some still under construction

Infinity T1 Placid Lush, Closest visible planet Storris 2 , accessable on the second floor of the tnt hub right above Raxxa , portal name The Shadow Lodge.


Introduce my Sovereign Planets, some of them already known, or have visited them.
(German Text down)

Ingame Char Tarah

Since my home Planet is Circarpous, I describe the route to the planets from the TNT Megahub.

Kataan - T3 Lush – Expires 19. 08. 22

Accessible via TNT Megahub to Xa Frant, there turn right towards north, on the right the last portal.

Antares – T4 Coal – Expires 16. 10. 22
Helix Nebula – T4 Lush – Expires 35 weeks

Accessible via TNT Megahub, Portal Ancient Ship upper row towards South, the Portals are visible in the same way.

LV-426 Alpha – T6 - Expires 29. 09. 22
Miranda – T6 - Expires 11. 08. 22
Helix Nexus – T6 – Expires 27. 03. 22 (planetary copper mine)

Accessible via TNT Megahub Cardass, keep left there, 3 Portals next to each other.

Antares III - T6 – Expires 22. 03. 22

Accessible via TNT Megahub Kol Huroo, right side Portal.

Phoebe I – T5 – Expires 24. 11. 21 (Farmplanet Test)

Accessible via TNT Megahub Serpensarindi, Portal to Besevrona, in the north is Portal to Phoebe I.

Have fun exploring and farming



Stelle hier meine Sovereign Planeten mal vor, manche kennen sie bestimmt schon, bzw haben sie schon öfters besucht.

Ingame Char Tarah

Da mein Heimatplanet Circarpous ist, beschreibe ich die Route zu den Planeten vom TNT Megahub aus.

Kataan – T3 Lush – Expires 19.08.22

Erreichbar über TNT Megahub nach Xa Frant, dort rechts halten richtung Norden, auf der rechten Seite das letzte Portal.

Antares – T4 Coal – Expires 16.10.22
Helix Nebula – T4 Lush – Expires 35 wochen

Erreichbar über TNT Megahub, Portal Ancient Ship obere reihe richtung Süden, die Portale sieht man gleich.

LV-426 Alpha – T6 – Expires 29.09.22
Miranda – T6 – Expires 11.08.22
Helix Nexus – T6 – Expires 27.03.22 ( Planetenweite Kupfermine)

Erreichbar über TNT Megahub Cardass, dort links halten, 3 Portale nebeneinander.

Antares III – T6 – Expires 22.03.22

Erreichbar über TNT Megahub Kol Huroo, rechte Seite Portal.

Phoebe I – T5 – Expires 24.11.21 (Farmplanet Test)

Erreichbar über TNT Megahub Serpensarindi, Portal nach Besevrona, im Norden ist Portal nach Phoebe I.

Viel Spaß beim erkunden und Farmen