List of Let's Play Series - Pre Alpha

I would like to get a list of great Lets Play series going here. It would be a good one-stop resource for finding the highest rated series.

Any suggestions?

Let’s Plays:
English - @Scythe -
English - @Squidgy -
German - @Relentor -
English -
German -
English - @Rintoki -

Updates / Reviews:
Swiss German - @KuroKuma -
English - @ConflictNerd -
English -
English -


what language do you want it in?^^

Any language - I’ll compile a list after some time noting languages.

I don’t exactly do a let’s play atm and I’ve stopped for now until the next update but you could list me^^


Squidgy’s Playlist
Karko’s Channel
Dylan/ConflictNerd’s Channel


Checkout this list on Reddit too


Thanks for the mention! :smile:

Scythe does two or so videos a week, heres his playlist.

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Thanks, that’s a pretty good series!

German (or German speaking) people sure do like Oort!
I think I’ve come across more German videos than English :smile:

Uiii Thank you :slight_smile:

That could be^^ but I’ve seen more english speaking Oort let’s players xD

Btw Germans do NOT understand well what I speak^^ maybe you should write swiss german for my playlist^^

No problem! Can’t understand a word, but still enjoy the videos :grinning:

This episode showed me just how vast this game is going to be! @Scythe

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I’m doing some too,
but I’m still a small youtuber,
I’m growing faster than ever with mai frequent vids nyaow tho! :3
I’m uploading vids at this moment, as a matter of fact!
. . .
Nyaow they’re done loading! :smiley:



Hey man thanks so much for putting me in here, I feel special XD
Also shoutout to @Xeverius! I’ve been checking out his epic build skillz :smiley:


Always great to have more Lets Players!
I’ll be sure to add a link to the main post once you have a playlist available.

You forgot: (German) -

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Love it! Hahahaha!

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I went ahead and made a playlist! :smiley_cat:

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