Liszy's Settlement ! You're Welcome to join us [Winter-Christmas-World]

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Hey everyone ! :slightly_smiling_face:
Iโ€™m Liszy from Germany and want to tell you about our Settlement on planet Raxxa ! :hugs:

  • my english is not perfect +
  • Youโ€™re welcome to join our Settlement and build with us a winter wonder christmas world, christmas tree included ! :christmas_tree::gift::christmas_tree:

We have over 20 Members, the most of them are germans, but english speaken people to.

Some Facts:

  • Raxxa World Rank 2
  • Discord Community Server
  • over 20 Members
  • friendly people
  • a really big place for all new friends
  • awesome christmas tree
  • winter decor
  • PS4 & PC Players

We looking for friendly people from all around the world, to create a amazing winter world ! :christmas_tree:

Discord Server:

If you want to see my last settlement update video: (in german language)
Coordinates: 776N 1.2640

Are you interested ? :smiley_cat:
contact me here our on Discord, or visit us on Raxxa ! :innocent:

Best Greetings from Germany,
Liszy ^^


Hi Liszy

Iโ€™m at your settlement atm and I liked it very much. Love the christmastree! :heart_eyes:
I would like to build something christmasy, like a christmashouse or something like that.
How can I join?
Iโ€™m not a player who spend hours online every day. I have a busy private live. But I am almost every day an hour online.

Wickedwizze (this is also my in game name)