Lith Emporis - New Store, Located on Raxxa. Mostly stone-work

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Ways to get yourself there:

Iconicsburg Portal Hub @ Bittula; From the Center of the portal hub, the portal to take is up on the top row, on the west side. There’s a portal there named “Arken”. It can take you to my base/fortress, directly to Dungeon Level 2, Where you can find the store, which is located near a bunch of other stuff, such as two rooms with a lot of storage shelves.

Another portal method.
If you take the Ultima Network Portal Hub (I’d have to re-check to get the exact directions) to the Orders of Oortian portal, you’ll find my base also, with the title “Noxramus”.

This portal leads to the outside of my base, which can lead you directly to level 1 through the entrance on that end of the building.

Though the store is not stocked yet, a few items are on shelves.

Though, there are two storage rooms near, on the other side of the wall, across from the store entrance, All of these items, or most of, I’d be willing to sell off. I did a little bit of everything before taking this mining path, which I enjoyed most while leveling and respecing the character a few times.

I have in storage and am or will possibly be selling loads of Crafted Metals from metal, making them up to refined, for now, and decor, decorative blocks and other stuff.

If you need stones or items of custom shades, I’d be happy to take on “task” orders and travel for the fun of exploration and helping out.

I made a second post about taking custom orders just a few minutes ago. This post was edited just now.

Some screenshots below.

Above shows the outside of the store.

Above shows the portal from Iconic’s Hub which leads to a lot of other hubs.

Most of my place is under a lot of change and construction, though I’ve decided not to relocate probably forever or a long time, because of the amount of planning my ideas of what I’m trying to accomplish, which is a few things.