Live Server Shops

I’ve never seen a shop on boundless or even traded someone so I was thinking of making this topic. Basicly just share cords and if you want you can add a snapshot

List of shops by region/world

US West

477, 97, 1982 - BunnyNabbit (Removed)


You might want to add which world it’s on :wink: or is Berlyn the world name?

Yep Berlyn is the world name

Ah ok! That’ll teach me to read more thoroughly before I reply lol

I think we could get more bang for the post’s buck if we make a wiki post of all of the shops sorted by region and then again by world. Is a wiki post something leaders have the ability to create, @Stretchious?

Done! I’ve updated the post (sorry to usurp your post @BunnyNabbit!) so people can now add their shop coords to the list!

Berlyn is US west though…

Else the Devs have a funky naming scheme