Live servers down for update [Completed]


The servers are being updated to the features seen in Testing 183.


Exciting :heart_eyes:


Awesome!! Just finished a batch of diamond sling bows.


It’s a shame i have to go to work…


Woot? That was quick!

( Daddy, do the portals have to die now? :anguished: )


I don’t mean to come across as rude but how long do these updates usually take? Still sort of new here :3


If it is a small update it takes a few minutes but if it is a large update it can take about 1-3 hours. This is one of those large updates.


I as well am curious how long they will be down for? I’m really impatient, I’m hoping my connectivity issues maybe got a little ironing out this patch.
edit question answered above lol


Ah okay, thanks for the reply.


Yes - please let us know how the connection performance changes.


Will do, it is litteraly the only issue I have currently. Everything else is just superb on you guys behalf. Thank you for am amazing and beautiful game.
By chance were you able to take a look at the tests and screenies you asked to have posted?


Ha!!! I see you changed the pre-alpha to early access :smiley:


I tried to play now … Lag very heavy even with all the features of LOW screen. I’m playing on an iMac


Do you mean a drop in framerate or connection problems?


I think it is on Framerate. I don’t have connection problems because I tried to play other similar games and it was very smooth :-/


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